11 Ways to Save Money on Pet Costs

Whether you’ve been a feline mom for ages or your first time being a canine owner, it’s no surprise that the expense increases.  Expenses on pet medical aid, regular vaccines and vet visits are added.  A survey revealed that nearly one out of four pet owners had found they were in pet debt, so awareness of pet-related costs is essential for financial health. As many families adopted new pets into their lives during the pandemic, they might wonder how to make pet care budget-friendly.

From discounted toys and DIY treats to training programs, we have rounded up some simple steps to save money as a pet parent. With some creativity and thinking ahead, you won’t have to risk your budget to enjoy taking care of an animal friend. Luckily, there are plenty of options for saving on pet expenses, which is a serious, long-term financial commitment. These tips will help you give your animal companion the love and care they deserve.

1. Shop Around For Healthy Pet Food

Many pet owners foolishly overpay for pet food. It’s time to be more cautious by shopping and couponing around. You could save hundreds in several months.

2. Purchase In Volume And Store Properly

If you buy pet food and other related products in mass, you’re doing a massive favor on your wallet. The only drawback is that improper storage could cause the products to spoil faster(costing you more in the end), so store strategically and be mindful.

3. Shop Around For Pet Insurance

Getting more extensive care at a fair price is not only better for your budget, but it’s also better for your animal’s health. Try a price comparison before you buy pet insurance to find the best rates.

4. Strategically Plan Your Fur Friends Vaccination Slot

Did you know you could save up if you’re aware of your pup’s or cat’s vaccination schedule? Depending on your area, there could be mobile vet clinics, sometimes run by highly trained veterinary students. These clinics often offer vaccines and other pet medical aid at a decreased cost. Regardless of your choice, talk to your vet to ensure you’re not behind in getting your pet’s vaccines.

5. Don’t Neglect Dental Care

Dental treatment costs can be super expensive if you neglect timely care. No matter what pet you have, tools, toothpaste, or chewables are advised for balancing with their health. It might feel like an unnecessary expense to spend the money on this kind of product upfront, but you’ll save yourself hundreds and thousands by avoiding emergency pet expenses.

6. Make Your Own Pet Toys

Show your creative side and use easy household items to make attractive, fun toys for your pet. You can skip investing in flashy accessories at the pet store(although they’re hard to resist!)

7. Rely Less On Pet Daycare

You might think a pet daycare center is ideal for your pet to interact and learn with other animals, but you can save a considerable amount by socializing with your pet. If you have a dog, try to get to the dog park more often and reduce the days spent at puppy daycare.

8. Rearrange Your Space For Pet-Proofing

Don’t fall for the marketing tactic of pet-specific enclosures that you could quickly achieve by moving around some furniture. Save on expensive animal fences by getting creative. Also, you can probably use items like plastic bins as natural barriers for specific areas.

9. Create Your Own Pet Beds and Furniture

In the same way, you can get artsy to pet-proof your home. You can make cozy spaces for your pet with easy DIY projects. One example is flipping over an end chair or table and reusing it into a pet bed. It’s incredible when you do the calculation to realize how much you can save on overpriced pet-specific pieces.

10. Proactively Check In With Your Vet

Did you know that one of three pets needs emergency veterinary treatment annually? With high costs for emergency veterinary visits, it’s wise to plan regular check-ups to avoid urgent care. Of course, this is better for your animal’s health, too!

No matter what pet you have, there are ways to be innovative and save on your spending.

11. Invest In Pet Safety

When planning to invest in your pet, be sure safety is the number one priority. Spending more upfront for a smart collar or pet insurance that will last your companion’s lifetime is worth every penny.