12 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Likes to Travel

Are you shopping for someone who likes to travel? From subscriptions for learning Chinese to portable phone chargers, there are plenty of wonderful travel gifts that will show your friend just how much you care for them. However, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down. So we are doing it for you!

Here are 12 gift ideas for the person in your life who likes to travel.

1. The Gift of Communication 

First up is the gift of communication. Those who like to travel internationally will tell you that it is always a much better experience when you spend time learning the local language before arriving. If you know someone planning to travel to China, give them the gift of communication by helping them learn Chinese before they go. It’s a gift that keeps on giving throughout the trip. 

2. Travel Map for Memories 

If your friend has been to several countries already and plans on visiting many more, a decorative travel map could be something they would love. These maps are typically scratch-offs or made to have pins that signify where you have been. It’s the perfect thing for that friend who plans on conquering the world. You could even package it with a subscription to learn Chinese if your friend plans on visiting Asia this year!

3. Portable Phone Charger 

Everyone needs a portable phone charger. You never know what will happen while on a plane, bus, taxi, or walking around new cities. So, give them the gift of security by purchasing a powerful phone charger that will last them as long as they need it. 

4. International Outlet Adapter 

The one thing travelers typically forget when visiting a new country is that the outlets are likely different than the ones they are used to. This often forces them to overpay for a country-specific adapter. Instead, you should get them a one size fits all adapter that can give them what they need wherever they decide to go. Trust me, they will hold on to that thing forever.

5. Nice Luggage 

Perfect gifts are often the ones that someone will never buy for themselves. We all know the one traveler who won’t upgrade their suitcases because their old ones work fine. Treat them this year by purchasing new luggage. They will never see it coming.  

6. A Phone/Tablet Stand 

We all know that flights can be long and boring if you don’t download a couple movies, books, or playlists to get you through. However, it can be just as annoying to hold your phone up for the whole flight. So you try to prop it up against your jacket on the table in front of you, and it never really works. This is where travel stands come in handy. This is certainly a gift that won’t go unused, whether they are learning Chinese or watching their favorite movies. 

7. Engraved Luggage Tags

Engraved luggage tags are always a nice touch. It shows your friend you care and allows them to look like the seasoned traveler that they are. Just make sure you know their style before you buy.

8. Travel Cubes for Packing 

Your friend is probably already a master at packing suitcases to the brim. But you can still help them out by getting them travel packing cubes. These cubes allow for better use of space and organization. Most suitcases can fit multiple, so don’t be afraid to get a few of them for your travel buddy. 

9. Passport Covers 

Passport covers are always a nice touch. They make nice leather ones that protect your friend’s passport and show the world they like to travel. 

10. Eye Mask

If the person you are shopping for is an airplane sleeper, get them an eye mask. It is another gift they may not think to get for themselves, but they will love being able to get genuine rest no matter what time of day it is. They are comfortable, block light, and easy on the wallet. 

11. Portable Luggage Scale 

We all know how frustrating it is to go on a trip, make a few purchases, and end up with an overweight bag fee on the way back home. It is a classic mistake that always puts a damper on the last day of the trip. Help your travel buddy avoid this by getting them a small portable scale for their luggage. This will save them lots of money in the long run. 

12. Travel Neck Pillow 

Lastly, you could always go for the classic travel pillow. Traveling by plane, car, train, or bus can all be uncomfortable and make it nearly impossible to get any real sleep. No matter how bad you might need it. Neck pillows are specifically made for this purpose and can provide the right support to help your friend get the sleep they deserve.

The Bottom Line 

Gifts should be both practical and thoughtful. That way, you show your friend that you are thinking of them, know their interests, and want to make sure they have something that will actually help them do the things they enjoy doing. If your friend loves to travel, you are on the right track by trying to get them something that is travel related. So, keep researching to determine whether you should help them learn Chinese, get new luggage, or sleep better during their travels.