4 Coolest Ideas of Styling Polo Shirts

Why should only women have all those voguish dresses and trends? No! Not just women but men can also have the luxury of showing off their stylish image. If you haven’t gained mastery over styling different dresses, you can start with a polo shirt. It is a simple yet timeless piece that can turn your everyday look into an extraordinary one. It is a trendy replacement for a traditional T-shirt. You can easily dress up or down as your wish; all you need is to add key pieces that can complement men’s polo shirts in the best possible way.

This article has listed a few polo shirt styles to help you:

1. Classy look

You would be surprised knowing that the classic polo shirt was introduced in the 10th century for the first time. It bought a revolution in the fashion world by introducing its appealing button-down collars. It is still prevalent in the modern world. Every man needs a traditional look at some particular events. Hence such apparel is an essential element for every man’s wardrobe. You can use this dress for a casual or a smart casual occasion. For an attractive look, ensure that the buttons never get low as it might look like a V-neck. You should choose a polo shirt that complements your style. Don’t shy away from selecting a bold colour!

2. Showing off long sleeves

Though most people prefer using polo shirts only in hotter months, it does not mean that they are made only for summer. Long sleeve polo shirts look stunning even in the winter. All you need is to change your ways of styling it. If you want a casual look, you may pair your shorts with chinos, sneakers, and a comfy leather jacket. In winter, when you might be clueless about what to wear, this shirt can save you. It is comfortable and looks good in every season.

3. Styling short sleeves

Do you have a great physique? Then hiding your muscles beneath your sleeves is not justified. You can show off your well-built muscles by wearing a short-sleeve polo shirt. Like the long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts can also be paired with chinos, jeans, or suit pants. You can complete the look by choosing a blazer with loafers. Also, you can make it simple by pairing the shirt with jeans and sneakers. An essential accessory for this look is confidence. Dress up like this and flaunt your muscle confidently.

4. Knitting polo shirts

Knitting shirts are the best bet for warmer and cooler months of the year. It can be made of cotton or wool. All shirts have a soft and cosy feel that looks excellent when paired with a suede jacket and slim tapered trousers. It was the hottest Hollywood fashion trend in 1950

Check out the following dresses that you can pair with men’s polo shirts for a unique look:

  • Shorts
  • Blazers
  • Chinos
  • Jeans
  • Jackets

Bottom line

You can wear a single polo shirt in a number of ways, considering the weather and type of the event. This is perhaps the best feature of a polo shirt. You can wear it for a casual look where the same shirt can be worn for a professional and dignified look.

Now it’s up to you which style you would want to try first! Pick one of these coolest ideas and surprise the world with your charismatic appearance.

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