4 Inexpensive Ways to Lose Weight

Many of us struggle with our weight, but if you’re also trying to be mindful of your finances, it can feel like a challenge finding a balance between your finances and your health. Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact there are quite a few things you can do that are great for your waistline and your health. One suggestion is looking into doing a juice fast, another is finding free or low cost hobbies you can enjoy. Keep reading for my top 4 inexpensive ways to lose weight.

Consider a Juice Fast
A juice fast is a fabulous way to restart your health. You can do a variety of juice fasts, whether you choose to spend for a commercial juice fast that can be delivered to your door, or try to do a DIY one at home. Juice fasting allows you to focus on getting a ton of high quality nutrients into your body while reducing your overall calories and taking pressure off your organs. When you’re doing a traditional juice fast you’re usually not eating food, so this means that you can really focus on absorbing the high quality nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin.

Get Active
Getting outside and moving your body is a great way to help shift your weight. Why not pick an activity you can do with friends? There are so many free or low cost options you can enjoy such as cycling, running, or even yoga. One of the biggest things to do is to get involved with some kind of sport or activity you can do with friends, that way you’ll have the social pressures to keep it up regularly and someone will notice when you skip a day. If you do some fun outdoor sports, you can even use a dji m300 to take some cool footage of you running or cycling.

Cut Down on Eating Out
Eating out can add up so quickly both in terms of cuts and calories. While I think there are some times in our life that are worth splashing out on, such as a birthday, anniversary or some other special event. For those occasions, I think it’s worth spending the money, but too many of us get into the habit of eating out a few times a week and when you add up all the extra calories and costs, you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? Why not make a fun tradition amongst your friends that you do a lunch rotation, with someone cooking for everyone else each Sunday or whenever suits your schedule. That way you can enjoy great food and socializing with your friends and family, but you’re not dropping a lot on eating out or ingesting a ton of calories. You can use your saved money to shell out on a private jet price toronto or some other bucket list activity.

Watch What You Drink
Liquids you drink can be a quick way to accidentally add extra calories into your diet. If you’re a fan of drinking a grande latte every day, or go out with your colleagues a few times a week for drinks, you’ll be surprised by how much this is adding to your annual bill and your waistline, too. Cutting back what you drink can make a huge difference to your health. If you want to go out, but want to be healthier, why not choose to only have one drink instead of three, or maybe even choose to have sparkling water with lime instead of an alcoholic beverage. Small changes made every day add up over the course of the year to a big difference in your health and your bank account too!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive or hard, with these tips you can make positive changes each day that will add up to a number of benefits in all areas of your life.