4 Major Differences in Driving a Boat in Gaming vs. In Real Life

Driving games have been around for decades now, and it has never looked so real. The difference with these games is that they are played in a virtual world, meaning that the player does not know what will happen or where their boat’s barriers might be. However, there are many differences and rules to follow when it comes to the truth of driving in real life. In addition to this, you have the physical aspect of driving a boat. You could be equipped with a steering wheel or joystick/pedal controls, but there are still many different things to consider. In this article, we discuss the significant differences between a boat in gaming and one in real life, what makes them different and how they both play a significant role in each other’s success.


  1. Visualization

In the game, everything is visualized, but once you reach your destination, things change. The red lighthouse in your last mission could be green on your next one. The hills may have flattened out and become a gigantic ice-cream cone on the ocean. It would be completely different than what you had expected it to look like in real life. That is why driving games are challenging to play, as reality drives you nuts and keeps you from enjoying them. In addition to this, the way you play a boat also has a significant effect on your success. If you choose conventional steering, it will be hard to steer fast because your boat will accelerate at the same speed as your steering wheel movement.


  1. Control

The way you control your boat will also play a massive role in the outcome of your success. In real life, you can’t slow down to almost zero and reverse instantly. However, it works like magic in driving games, but that is just how the game is made. It is entirely different when riding on a boat in real life, as you must use more caution when reversing. It isn’t as prominent in gaming because everything and everyone moves at unnaturally fast speeds.


  1. Power

Power is also a huge factor in driving a boat in real life. You have to consider how much power you will be using by, for example, changing the throttle or the steering wheel. If you are going too fast through a narrow tunnel and you don’t change your speed when approaching it, the chances are that your boat will go out of control and crash into the wall.


  1. The Environment

The environment is a huge part of driving a boat in real life. This factor plays no role in gaming because you will always be in a virtual world, so there isn’t a specific environment around you. In real life, the environment will play a significant role in how successful you are and how your boat reacts to its different surroundings. An excellent example of this would be wind coming from one side, and you are trying to steer your boat in the opposite direction.


The world of driving games is entirely different from real life and can’t compare to the amount of work that drives a boat in real life. It has been proven by people who have tried and failed to drive a boat in real life without ever playing a driving game. It is essential to consider these factors before you start playing or trying out driving games.