5 frequently used photo editor apps for influencers

Freelancers have been using photo editors to earn money. These tools are of tremendous use to them as they are being used to enhance the quality of the photos. But many of these tools are found not to be of optimum quality and some to be optimum but underrated. So we will attempt to present some of the best tools that help in editing photos – cheap or free. Some of these tools can be found on Android/IOS stores like Lightroom, Visage and 

Color Pop black and white photo editor while some are already present on your mobile like Instagram. So we have listed them accordingly.

1. Lightroom

Adobe launched its Light Room with the sole purpose of helping those who want to level up their pictures. The tool comes with multiple features, including a saturation slider, a distortion adjuster, and a brightness setter. With these features, the tool also has some additional features which the user can attain after paying a premium. These features include an AI based ideal image finder that automatically finds the best possible edited picture.  

2. Collage Maker

This tool is not a photo editor at its core. However, it works as a collage maker, presenting numerous sequences of collages from which a user can select. There are many different styles and fascinating backgrounds. Additionally, you can change the fonts, colors, and sizes as well as add text. To make the ideal collage, you don’t need to switch between apps, and you can get the choice of your collage.

3. Visage

We often struggle with our own ill-mannered-taken photos. We often curse our friends if they are the ones taking it. So, what to do with it? Don’t worry, we have got your back. With Visage, you have endless opportunities to deal with the flaws. In this context,you can quickly and easily retouch your portrait photos using this free selfie photo editing app. You can specifically apply makeup, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and reduce skin shine.Additionally, the app comes with a variety of eye-catching backgrounds and effects to jazz up your selfies. The free version of the app has a lot of ads and adds a brand hashtag to the bottom of your finished photo edit, which is a drawback.

4. Color Pop

A new player in the photo-editing market is Color Pop. The app is free and available for Android and IOs. There are numerous templates and color splashing techniques included. The app also offers options for saturation, contrast, and brightness in its cut and crop features. As a result, it becomes a more widely used, ready-to-use photo editing app. So use Colour Pop to turn your phone into a photo editing device.

5. Instagram

Instagram? Why have we listed it in this list? Well, it is true that it is a social media app, but you know that it has some of the coolest editing features and filters that can easily level up your picture. So for this reason, Instagram has made its way into our list. 

You can use the filters, cut/crop and brighten up your photos and also add saturation to your picture – all in one place for free. So with Instagram – which is already installed on your mobile -, you may not need any external photo editor application for editing photos.