5 Fun Games to Teach Algebra.

nteractive learning is a lot more effective to help kids learn algebra. Kids need to have a complete understanding of the various algebraic concepts to gain knowledge of mathematics. The complexity level of this topic advances with each subsequent grade. When the child lacks sufficient knowledge of algebra at the utmost basic level, it becomes difficult to venture on. Kids need to gain knowledge of algebra one step at a time and when they repeat these steps over and over again, their brains adjust to adapt this knowledge easily. Learning algebra with nice practice and conceptual implementation is the only solution to tackle complex math topics.

The first and foremost step in understanding algebra is to practice the basics and memorize all the algebraic formulas with their applications. There are numerous ways to help kids learn math concepts through practice. One such approach is to provide it in a form that they prefer the most. It is surely one of the best ways to implement constant practice for kids. While playing algebra games and puzzles kids can easily practice as well as learn algebraic formulas quickly. Fun activities and games are an easy way to help kids slowly adapt to the complexity of this topic. These fun activities like online math games for kids help them in learning various algebra concepts. Online math games can develop analytical, strategic, and spatial skills of kids. Here are some fun games for kids to learn algebra:

Algebra Puzzle

Similar to the conventional grid math game this interesting math puzzle helps to enhance the practice of algebraic equations. By solving this puzzle students will easily learn to visualize algebraic equations with ease. It requires a child to solve the number value of each unique element in the grid. They can also learn to derive algebraic expressions out of the grid to solve these values. Numbers are present at both horizontal and vertical levels of the grid for which a student has to solve the expression to get the value of elements.

Algebra Board Game

These algebra board games are usually a combination of modified snakes & ladders to solve algebras. These board games are available in varied formats usually involving the concept of rolling the dice to solve algebraic expressions. For example, the algebra crocodile board game. This game engages kids to solve algebraic equations while they help the frog reach home. To roll the dice they have to solve the algebraic expressions accurately. Algebra Crocodile board is a highly engaging game that certainly helps kids to learn basic algebra concepts in a fun way.

Algebra Basketball

Algebra basketball is a perfect game for students struggling to learn algebra. In this game, the player has to put the ball in the hoop. The only way to do it is by solving algebraic expressions. There are 15 levels for you to compete. You will be given beginner-level algebraic expressions at each level, different from the previous ones. 10 points are awarded for each right answer, and the same is deducted on a wrong one.

Algebra Snake Ladder

Algebra snake ladder is a combinatorial game of algebra and famous snakes and ladders. Playing these amazing games involves solving algebraic expressions to roll the dice. The game progresses step by step as the player solves these expressions to reach the goal. The next chance is given only after the expression is solved accurately. Nostalgia is a fun factor here that keeps you hooked for hours to the game and learn algebra simultaneously.

Parking Algebra

Parking algebra is a really engaging, fun game by Mathnook to upgrade your algebra skills to the next level. The main gameplay involves the player parking the car at ‘X’, where X is the parking slot number. To get this number, you have to solve x from the algebraic expression. One thing good about this game is that the gameplay does include driving the car yourself for parking instead of the computer doing it on itself. It makes the whole thing really fun to play and really interactive.

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