5 Gaming Accessories That Every Video Game Fanatic Needs

Once the domain of teenagers, gaming has gone mainstream in the US. The statistics suggest that around 64 percent of American adults play video games at least casually.

Of course, many of those adults take their gaming much more seriously. If you’re a video game fanatic or if you just know one, you may wonder what kind of gaming accessories could improve your gamer setup or theirs.

After all, you probably already own the core console system or PC you use for gaming. So what could improve that experience?

Keep reading for five gaming accessory options that can boost your gaming experience or make for a good gamer gift.

1. Gaming Headset

Sure, there are games out there designed with solo play in mind. Yet, some of the biggest games out there depend on collaborative play. Unless you want to try to decipher team comments from your TV speakers, you need a decent gaming headset.

A good gaming headset will provide vastly superior audio quality. Plus, most come equipped with a microphone to make your own comments clear to your teammates.

2. Gaming Chair

Serious gaming these days isn’t something you want to do from your couch. You can spend hours at a time going on raids or working your way through difficult environments.

A luxury gaming chair comes with all the bells and whistles to make sure you walk away from your gaming time without feeling sore. Common features you find on gaming chairs include a padded headrest, adjustable armrests, tilt, and back support.

3. Blue Light Glasses

One of the banes of modern life is the ever-present blue light from screens. You get it from phones, TVs, and computer monitors. While most concerns about blue light remain unverified, it can trigger some eye strain and mess with your sleep patterns.

Blue light glasses help to filter out the light that promotes eye strain and sleep disruption. That means you can still sleep after your gaming marathon.

4. Webcam

Gaming isn’t just something you do in your home. For many gamers, it also means live streaming their gameplay on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. For that, you need a decent webcam so you can stream your own real-time reactions to the gameplay.

5. Bluetooth Gaming Controller

While many serious gamers eventually convert to PC gaming, most people cut their teeth on console gaming. That means they get used to those gaming controllers. A Bluetooth gaming controller lets them bridge the gap between gaming on a console and gaming on a PC.

Gaming Accessories for Your Gaming Setup

There are countless gaming accessories you can find for your gaming setup depending on what you prefer console or PC gaming. Yet, almost all gamers can benefit from a few choice options.

Your gaming experience will only improve with the inclusion of a good gaming headset, as well as a gaming chair and blue light glasses. Serious gamers looking to stream their play will need a decent webcam. A Bluetooth gaming controller lets you move from console to PC with ease.

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