5 Manly Home Decor Ideas

It can be challenging for men who are looking to create a masculine home decor style. Although we can all agree on basic principles such as the importance of functionality, warmth and comfort, translating that into a manly concept can be difficult. We like a challenge and here we have listed 5 manly home decor ideas for you.

  • Choose a Masculine Interior Design Style

This sounds obvious but is often neglected. You need an interior design style that is masculine and which will be the governing principle around which all design decisions will be made. Not only will this ensure that you end up with a manly home decor, it will also give your home decor a cohesive, overall theme. The best place to start is your bedroom. This is where you sleep, where you re-energize. Find the right interior design style for your bedroom and build out from there.

Many men find that industrial chic really expresses their manliness, and this might be appealing to you. If you like a bohemian look, then you may want to explore a rustic theme for your home. A mid-century style is very good for men who like a more refined style.

  • Choose Manly Colors

If you want to have a manly home decor style, then you need to pick manly colors. Once again, if you have decided on an interior design style, you should now pick a color palette that goes with that style. You can work with an interior designer to figure out the right palette, or do research online.

Natural palettes are the most manly. So, look at black and white, or earth tones, deep blues, dusty shades, or shades of gray.

  • Get Your Geometry Set Out

Geometric patterns are best for a manly look. They communicate the right tone and ethos. A geometric pattern will make your home decor style more interesting, compared to just keeping everything sparse and simple. From rugs with geometric patterns to wallpaper with geometric patterns, you shouldn’t be afraid to make geometry work for you.

  • Mix Up Your Textures and Materials

Having a manly home decor isn’t just about what your home looks like, it’s also about how it feels. You want to use materials that exude confidence. For instance, Wellington’s Leather Furniture communicates style as well as confidence. Leather is a wonderful material to use around the house to achieve this effect. You should also look at materials such as stone, concrete, unfinished wood, exposed brick and glass. These materials feel natural, and stark, while being beautiful.

You should mix your textures and materials in a way that matches your interior design style. So, for instance, a mid-century style may not go very well with unfinished wood. You want everything to make sense.

  • Accessorize!

You want to have manly accessories around the house, which reveal your personality, not just for the sake of other people, but really to communicate to yourself that this really is your own space. Statues, books, rugs, and vases are among a number of accessories that go well with a manly design theme.