5 Points to Touch On When Doing Your Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where families spend time together and entertain guests. It is also the room where they store their food and prepare their meals. Therefore, the kitchen should be as neat and chic as other rooms in the home.

Unfortunately, kitchen remodels are very expensive projects. They require a lot of effort and planning. So before you start, you should consider some important things such as budget, materials, and design. In addition, you should always choose a trusted remodeling company, like Lasco Remodeling and Construction. The company should have experience in kitchen remodeling and provide you with a written contract that clearly states their terms before hiring them. Be sure to ask for references from previous clients.

Besides aesthetics, you should also focus on enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and properly utilizing the space. Whether you will renovate the entire kitchen or just change out the appliances, these top things to consider are essential to ensure a successful project.

1. Color Scheme

If you intend to put your property on the market after remodeling, neutral colors are the best. White kitchen cabinets have become very popular since they satisfy a wide range of tastes. In addition, they give the room a clean and bright appearance, appealing to many prospective buyers.

If you are remodeling for change and not for selling purposes, you can get a little creative with the color combinations. If you have the desired style, go for it. For instance, you can choose a modern style kitchen or an opulent Italian style.

But if you are quite unsure, consult a remodeling company. The style you settle for will dictate your kitchen’s color scheme. Use light colors and soft shades on the cabinets for a small kitchen. Dark colors make your space look too small and uninviting. Also, consider using natural light to improve the room’s visual appeal and expand it.

2. Material for Your Surfaces

Depending on your style preference, budget, and overall look, you can use marble, wood, or granite to give your work surfaces a sophisticated look. Your remodeling company should advise you on the best material to use, depending on your budget. For instance, wood adds a touch of class and is inexpensive.

Ideally, a remodeling company should help you choose the material that gives the perfect balance between beauty, maintenance, and style. They will guide you on what’s aesthetically pleasing yet durable and easy maintenance.

From tinted concrete and acrylic sheets to quartz composites and natural stone sheets, choosing a material for your surfaces is no mean feat. Luckily, the vast collection of surface materials allows you to enjoy different patterns, textures, and colors to meet your taste and design goals.

3. Walkways and Direct Traffic Areas

Ideally, your remodeling company should ensure your kitchen walkways are about 36 inches wide. Around the cooking area, maintain paths 42 inches wide if your kitchen is one-cook and 48 inches for a two-cook setting.

Ensure your peninsulas and kitchen islands are adjusted accordingly. However, that will depend on the function of the island. For instance, if the island will act as a dining area, you need to plan adequate space so that the cooktop is away from the dining area.

For a safe environment for kids, ensure your cooktop is out of their way, so they don’t touch handles, causing spillages. Also, ensure everyone can easily access your refrigerator.

4. Positioning your Appliances

For your microwave, the ideal height will depend on the level of child-friendliness you require or the chef’s preference. However, 15 inches above your countertop level is perfect for adults. Kids require a setup below the countertop level, which is more suitable and safer.

Ensure your appliance and cabinet doors have enough clearance space. Also, keep them away from corners and ensure doors will not bang against each other when opened simultaneously.

Consider including landing space when designing your kitchen. Your remodeling company should allow at least 15 inches of the countertop on the microwave, refrigerator, and cooktop sides. Make sure your refrigerator, stove, and sink are near each other. With a minimum of four feet between each appliance, you can easily access your food from the fridge to the preparation spot and then to your cooker.

Don’t  ignore the positioning of your small appliances. Ensure your stand mixers, coffee machines, toasters, and slow cookers have a designated storage area with easy accessibility. For instance, you can position your coffee makers in a beverage station and put other appliances on pull-out shelves.

5. Modern Additions

Install modern extendable faucets near your cooktop to work as pot fillers. You will not need to carry your pots from the sink to the cooker. The faucet allows you to fill your pot near the cooktop. Alternatively, you can install a long hose to your main faucet for easy pot filling.

Identify a designated place for your knives to make it easy to grab the right knife for a task and ensure dangerous items are out of your child’s reach.

Use cool backsplashes that match your kitchen floor or different small patches to add a distinct color and pattern style. When professionally done, backsplashes accentuate your space with unique color schemes, textures, and patterns. You can then install a couple of outlets on the backsplashes for easy access to electricity.

This is the ideal time to upgrade your appliances, plumbing, and lighting fixtures. Replace appliances that are no longer working and purchase those on your wishlist if your budget allows. Appliances and fixtures add pizzazz to your space and make it inviting.

Get appliances like a coffee maker, dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc. Also, add sinks and taps and lighting fixtures for enhanced illumination and to improve visibility, a necessity, especially when using knives.


When it comes to renovation, your remodeling company will advise you that less is always more. Doing too much- sparkly tiles, busy countertops, bright cabinets, etc-gives your eyes too much to look at. So, choose one main kitchen area and accessorize it with quieter and visually-appealing details.