5 Social Media Management Errors to Avoid for Your Business

Around 70% of Americans use social media, so it’s clear we’re a digital-heavy society. While social media used to be just something for people to connect with one another now, it serves a much bigger purpose.

Consumers are using this platform to reach out to brands, so it’s important that you’re there for them when they need you.

Don’t know where to start? Then keep reading for 5 social media management errors you need to avoid.

1. Posting About Controversial Topics

Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean you can just post about whatever you want. You should treat it like you’re at a dinner party; don’t talk about things that’d cause a fuss, such as politics and religion.

Of course, this is just general advice. If your brand is known for tackling controversy and pressing buttons, then by all means, go for it!

2. Not Posting Consistently

Let’s say you’ve hooked followers and they’re invested in your social media accounts. But you only post whenever you want to, which can be 2 times a day and then just once a week.

When you don’t post consistently, you might leave your audience wanting more, and not in a good way. To avoid losing your followers, make sure you make social media posts regularly to keep them enticed and interested.

3. Posting Too Much

On the flip side of things, there’s such thing as posting too much. For instance, have you scrolled through your friends feed and got annoyed because 1 friend posted 10 times within the span of an hour?

You’ll want to limit yourself to around 2 posts a day, depending on which social media platforms you’re on. Even on Twitter, if you post over 5 times a day, it’ll be seen as spam and you’ll alienate followers.

4. Spreading Yourself Out Too Thin

You might be tempted to get a social media account on every platform possible, but it’ll be difficult or near impossible to keep up with them all.

Instead of spreading yourself too thin and doing a mediocre job on each platform, pick a few and focus on those. For example, if your target audience is young, then you’ll want to focus on Instagram and TikTok.

5. Not Tracking Your Performance

You can have a great social media strategy, but the truth is, trends are fickle and fast. You might do well at first, but without tracking your performance, you wouldn’t know anyway.

So your best bet is to get an analytics tool to see how you’re doing and what you need to tweak. It’s worth working with a professional like Design ME Marketing, as they can do the tracking and tweaking for you.

Don’t Make These Social Media Management Errors

Social media management errors can be embarrassing. And unfortunately, the internet saves things forever.

So learn from these mistakes and don’t make them in the first place. When you can get it right on the first try, you’ll make your social media followers happy and loyal to your brand!

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