5 Tips for Packing Up Your Fragrance Collection for a Move

Moving is a big job, and it can be tough to stay on top of everything. Take some time to prepare for your moving day by packing up your beloved fragrance collection. These are five tips for how to pack and protect your fragrance collection before moving.

1: Choose Fragrances That Fit the Destination Environment

At least three-quarters of the world’s population has allergies, with certain types more predominant in some regions than others. Consider where you will be living when unpacking your new home, and plan accordingly by selecting fragrances that are most likely to work there. If you are moving to an area prone to seasonal allergies, fragrances that contain high amounts of plant ingredients like cinnamon oil and flowers such as jasmine and rose will not be a good choice. They might smell wonderful in your current setting, but once the move is complete, your new neighbors may not appreciate them.

2: Choose Fragrance Bottles That Are Easy to Transport

Fragrance bottles bigger than 1 oz are subject to different shipping regulations. For example, you can ship 1 oz bottles via ground, but anything more significant must be shipped via air. The ground is typically more expensive, so one way to save money when moving is to choose fragrances under 1 oz.

3: Get Fragrances That Are Easy to Transport

Fragrances are only as portable as the packaging they come in. For example, if you have a bottle with a spray top that lifts up and down manually, it is much easier to pack than one that is trigger style. The latter must be shipped with care since they are prone to leaking and breakage. If you want your fragrance collection to arrive safely at your new home, choose fragrances packaged in containers that can withstand the journey without being damaged or leaking. Try to get shatter-resistant bottles.

4: Keep Fragrance Bottles Clean

After unpacking your fragrance collection and finding the perfect spot, please do not leave it in the bathroom or closet. Cleaning this space as soon as possible ensures that your new neighbors can enjoy your fragrance collection as soon as you move in. Fragrances also last longer if they are kept sealed and clean in a cabinet away from the elements.

5: Keep Fragrance Bottles Separated

Fragrance bottles of the same scent should never be stored together since this can cause them to mix and fade. If you have multiple bottles of the same fragrance and need to store them, hold them apart with a thin cardboard divider or in different boxes or bags that are clearly labeled with the fragrance name. This will keep them separate until you are ready to use them and ensure that they do not lose their scent prematurely.

When you are ready to pack up your fragrance collection, consider these tips. This will protect you from unwanted allergic reactions and fragrances that have changed on their journey and ensure that your collection is safe and sound and ready to be enjoyed upon arrival.