5 Tips for Your Next Shoe Purchase

Every shoe is moulded differently and has a different appeal. Many people shop for shoes with fashion in their mind. And even though style should be a factor that one should consider before making the purchase, you also need to focus on functionality and comfort so that your feet remain in good shape. So, whether you are going for a local product or a branded one like a Jordan, these tips can help you with the purchase.

1. The Fit

The first and the essential piece of advice is to remember that shoes have to conform to your feet’s shape, not the other way around. You need footwear that fits your feet perfectly in terms of width and length. Also, your toes should have enough space as they move because of roll-through movement while walking. However, with heels, you need firm support.

Many people buy footwear that doesn’t fit them perfectly. Men have a tendency to buy bigger shoes, and women are more likely to purchase small-sized shoes. However, it is crucial to have high expectations. Your shoes should be made of soft materials and provide sufficient room in length, width, and height. If your shoes are rubbing your feet, they are not the right pair for you. You mustn’t fall for the salesmen telling you that they will widen or you’ll be able to wear them over time. A perfectly sized shoe will fit you right away.

2. Check the Inside

Apart from the fit, you should also focus on the inside of the shoes. Look for seams that might be uncomfortable, hardened areas, or any bulges. Some shoe manufacturers don’t line their shoes fully to reduce costs, and as a result, there will be exposed seams, edges, and bulges. So, it is important to have your shoes fully lined so that no unnecessary edges and seams restrict your comfort level. Even if they cost a bit higher, they will be worth every penny.

3. Flexibility

Once you have the correct width and size, your next attention should be the flexibility of the shoe sole. The flexibility of the sole is different from the softness of the shoe’s inner padding. To check this, you can perform the bending test to bend the shoe (the toe area and the heel towards each other). The better V-form the bent shoes have, the more flexible they will be.

4. Flatness

Another tip to keep in mind while purchasing shoes is to ensure that they are as orthopedically and anatomically flat as possible. Only with flat shoes can you have the natural roll-through movement of your foot. There shouldn’t be any improper weight distribution at your foot’s arch and metatarsal bones. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your high heels. You should wear them in moderation; you have to find the balance between comfort and style.

5. Foot to Foot Size Difference

Your two feet are not of the same width and length. Left-handed people usually have a dominant left foot, which is also the bigger of the two. For right-handed people, this is the opposite, and that is why you have to try out both shoes. It doesn’t matter what size your previous pair of footwear was; you have to find one that fits, even if it’s wider or larger. Even shoes made from different manufacturers can be of different sizes. The only thing that matters is how the shoes feel on your feet.

So, these are important tips that you should consider while buying shoes next time. Whether you are about to buy the Jordan or other branded shoes, these are general tips that will ensure that you have shoes that not only fit you well but are also comfortable. Just a little bit of attention while purchasing can save you a lot of money and discomfort in the long run.


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