6 Key Uses of ANPR Technology

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is fast becoming a first choice for many businesses, councils and institutions alike who are looking to increase the security and safety of UK motorists. Although there are some uses of ANPR which are well known, there are other uses of Automatic Number Plate Recognition that are being introduced and proving to be highly effective.

Crime Prevention

Arguably one of the most valuable purposes that ANPR systems serve, crime prevention is far more effective with this kind of technology. With Automatic Number Plate Recognition, identifying stolen or suspect vehicles is much easier and therefore, more efficient. This is also a useful technology for identifying motorists who are driving on UK roads without licences, insurance, MOTs, etc.

Reporting Traffic Violations

A common known use for Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems is the use of high definition cameras to report traffic violations, such as speeding. Enforcement of lawbreaking motorists is crucial to keeping our roads safe for all users. Alongside ANPR cameras, traditional methods of recording traffic violations are still used, for instance, manually by police officers, but this requires manpower and resources, where ANPR does not.

Traffic Management

During peak times, roads are understandably busier – particularly UK motorways – and therefore, present a higher level of risks to motorists. In an effort to combat potential hazards, Smart Motorways have been introduced and ANPR can be used to regulate and monitor speed on these roads. For instance, in some locations at peak times, speed will be reduced to 50 mph on motorways and subsequently monitored to ensure compliance. This reduction in speed ensures a steady flow of traffic and lower speeds can reduce the risk of accidents.

Parking Enforcement

In the past, many car parks would be patrolled by parking wardens who would physically place parking tickets on vehicles who had not paid an appropriate fee to use the parking facilities. Nowadays, more and more car parks use the latest innovations in ANPR systems to enforce parking regulations on their land. ANPR cameras provide effective, high definition surveillance of entrance and exit points in car parks. This means that if a car enters a car park without paying the appropriate fee, the registration has already been recorded and a ticket can be automatically issued by the parking enforcement company.

Vehicle Access Control

Enforcement isn’t the only consideration for car parks where ANPR systems are concerned. Many private parking facilities also use Automatic Number Plate Recognition to control which vehicles are granted access to said facilities. You will find ANPR vehicle access control at places such as airports and other public spaces. This is a great security feature and gives landowners/operators and motorists alike the peace of mind that they are leaving their vehicle in a secure location.

Toll Collection Points

Traditionally, on roads, bridges and the likes where motorists are required to pay a toll for the usage of said roads and bridges, they would pay an individual at the designated toll both. Fast-forward to present day and with the introduction of ANPR technology, trained staff at toll booths is no longer a necessity. Now, ANPR cameras can accurately track vehicles entering and exiting locations that require a toll to be paid. In a lot of cases, contactless payments are also available in these pay points making the process of paying a toll a seamless and stress-free process for motorists and for the institution collecting the tolls.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems have become an integral tool in improving both the safety and management of motorists in the UK, and the introduction of this powerful technology is proving to be an effective and efficient option for a range of purposes.