6 Moving Tips for Video Gaming Systems and Equipment

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of stuff. Whether it’s clothes, furniture, or your prized video gaming system and equipment, odds are you’ve got a lot of belongings to move. While moving can be stressful under the best circumstances, when you have to worry about packing up your gaming systems and equipment as well, it can seem downright impossible. But don’t worry! There are numerous ways to make the moving process easier when moving your video gaming systems and equipment.


1- Label the Boxes


People’s biggest mistake when packing their gaming systems and equipment is throwing everything in boxes together. Sure, video games and consoles tend to have their own distinctive shapes, but don’t just assume that because it fits in the box, it’s good to go. Before you pack anything, take a minute to look at it and see what size box it will fit into.


Labeling helps more than just making sure you have matching items in your boxes. When you label the box “Video Games,” that’s a bit too vague. What if you have a Playstation 3 and a Playstation 4? They’re very similar, but one doesn’t work without the other. Being specific with what is in each box can help avoid confusion.


2- Pack Equipment in Their Original Boxes


When you pack your video gaming equipment, ensure its manufacturer packaging houses it. It helps protect the equipment from damage and protects it from other items in the box. This way, if something does happen to break, there’s a better chance you can get it fixed or replaced.


3- Pack the Entertainment Equipment Separately from the Video Games


Even if you’re not worried about damage, making sure your games and entertainment equipment are separate is still a good idea. Odds are not every game works with every piece of video gaming equipment, so packing them separately means you can make sure everything will play correctly when you get to your new house.


4- Pack High Weight Items at the Bottom of the Box


If you have a lot of equipment, it might be best to pack heavy things on the bottom and lighter ones on top. That way, if there is any damage to the box or its packaging, more delicate objects won’t add pressure to the ones underneath them.


5- Pack Equipment Intelligently


Don’t just fill a box with equipment and tape it up. Instead, pack items with similar weight in separate packages. This way, if one packet is dropped or crushed in any way, it’s only the equipment inside that’s damaged, not everything. For example, pack your speakers in one box and surround sound systems in another. This way, if the first box were to get dented or crushed at all, it wouldn’t affect anything else.


6- Keep Video Game Discs in a Protective Case


If you have a lot of games, be sure to keep them in their cases. Not only will it protect them from damage, but it also makes for more accessible storage. If your discs are just loose in the box, they’re more likely to get scratched or otherwise damaged than if they were safely hidden away with their cases.


As you can see, moving your video gaming systems and equipment doesn’t have to be a chore. With six simple tips in mind, you’ll be all set to pack up and move your gaming stuff right along with the rest of your belongings!