7 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Zero Turn Mower

You have your ideal home, complete with a large yard. Life is wonderful. Then the reality sets in. All the grass will have to be mowed at some point. Let’s face it, that someone will most likely be you. You can either squander your entire weekend cutting it using a push mower or do the right thing and invest in a riding mower.

How do you decide whether a riding mower or lawn tractor is suitable for your yard when there are so many options? Here are important areas to concentrate on when shopping for a zero-turn lawn mower.

1. Mower Metal

When compared to a traditional riding lawn mower, zero-turn mowers are frequently more expensive. However, there is a distinction between zero-turn brands. Examine the structural steel design and construction to determine which type is more durable. Lower gauge metal is thicker, which might indicate that your engine and deck are more well-built and protected.

2. Deck Construction

Mower decks are divided into two categories. Commercial-grade zero-turn lawn mowers typically have a fabricated deck made by welding several sheets of heavy-gauge steel. Residential-grade lawn mower decks are frequently made of a single sheet of steel hammered in a press, which is more than suitable for an ordinary backyard. If you have a lot of rugged terrain, you should seek a lawn mower with a constructed deck.

3. Engine Design

Your zero-turn mower may feature a single-cylinder or twin-cylinder HOV engine, depending on the model you choose. The twin cylinders are more commonly seen on commercial-grade equipment because they provide greater power and less vibration.

4. Wide Wheels

The broader the wheels, the greater the weight dispersion. This makes walking on the grass more comfortable and improves traction. Look for 4-ply graded tires if you want superior wheels. They’re the most long-lasting.

5. Cutting Height

You want a mower that lets you alter the deck height quickly and effortlessly. Some types have hand and foot lifts that instantly raise the deck for brief periods. Consider raising it to go over a suspected tree root or stump, then lowering it to get to business. Other mowers need you to get off and manually raise the deck, but manufacturers frequently include an optional deck lift extension kit, so you don’t have to.

6. Comfort

This gas-powered gadget might keep you busy for an hour or more. It’s probably a good idea to make yourself comfortable. Get your hands on it before you buy. How does it make you feel? Is the seat a good fit for you? Is your back well-protected? Is the control panel easy to see and reach? Opt for a mower with a comfort suspension system to keep you cushioned from uneven terrain for improved ride comfort.

7. Accessory Add-Ons

Like classic lawn tractors, most zero-turn lawn mowers come equipped with accessory and attachment choices. Tow-behind attachments like aerators, baggers, and lawn sweepers, as well as overhead choices like sun umbrellas, are among them.

Purchasing a lawnmower may appear to be a straightforward task until you examine all available options.