7 Décor Ideas for a Video Game Birthday Party for Kids

Every child deserves a fantastic birthday party, but not every child is the same. Some kids are obsessed with science. Others are obsessed with history or sports or cooking or art. Some kids are even obsessed with video games. Video game parties are a lot of work, but the payoff is worth the effort. This guide will teach you how to plan, execute, and decorate for a video game-themed birthday party that is sure to be a hit!


1) Select a Video Game For Your Party


Be honest. You want to choose a game that your child is obsessed with, whether it’s the newest Xbox or an old NES classic. If your child is a superhero fanatic, you can use that as the basis for a Batman birthday party or Spider-Man party. If the child is an avid gamer, a good starting point might be to check out game party themes’ ideas. For instance, Minecraft, Free Fire, and Battle Royale themes might appeal to a certain demographic.


2) Make Video Game-Themed Invitations


Video game party invitations are easy to make. There are plenty of free templates available online and in books at your local bookstore. Be sure to consider your budget and think about the size of the party you’re planning, and get a head start on making these party invitations as soon as possible.


3) Set Up a Video Game-Themed Activity Table


Planning a video game-themed birthday party for a video game lover is great, but you may want to leave room for other types of activities. Chances are there will be children at the party that aren’t as into video games as your “gamer.” Have a place set up for board games and card games, too. This gives non-gamers something to do and keeps video game lovers from isolating themselves in front of a screen all night.


4) Make Decorations of the Chosen Video Game


You can choose to decorate the party with specific characters from a video game or go a more abstract route and make decorations that represent the video game theme in general. Either way, a lot of the hard work is already done for you because there are already character designs out there. For instance, if you’re planning a Mario party, take some time to look at printable Mario papercraft models. You can try and make your own, but it’s much easier just to print them off and decorate as desired. You can purchase crepe paper and balloons that match the video game’s color scheme to hang around the party area.


5) Find a Video Game Costume for the Birthday Child


Video game birthday parties often have children who dress up as characters from the video game. Fun costume ideas are available online. You can also use your child’s favorite toy as the basis for a costume or outfit them with clothes they already own. Make sure that you pick out a costume that fits well, though – it can’t be too tight and uncomfortable, or it will ruin the whole effect of a video game party.


6) Buy a Themed Cake


Every video game party theme has a cake that matches the rest of the party. For instance, let’s say you’re planning a Mario party. Your cake can be a big, round cake covered in goomba’s and mushrooms and topped with a mushroom on top. You probably already have the goomba’s and mushrooms around your house, so there shouldn’t be much out of pocket for you to buy them for your birthday cake.


7) Buy a Themed Piñata


A giant video game-themed piñata is a great activity to include in your party. Make sure you also have an old broomstick or two and some balloons or streamers to get good use out of the piñata. This won’t be necessary if you’re planning a Mario party since you can use the standard Mario piñata for your child’s party.