8 Easy Hacks for Integrating STEM Curriculum into a Classroom

STEM is an important part of any education. But how will your students get the most out of their STEM lessons? Here are eight easy hacks for integrating a STEM curriculum where students will learn about these important subjects engagingly.

1- Stem Activities

Have a STEM activity for every class period. This way, you can keep the interest of your students always high. You can also use STEM-designed games to get your students to remember the concepts.

2- A Little Healthy Competition

Another great hack is to have a STEM competition in your classroom. This will help your students learn to work together as a team and compete against each other. It will also help them develop their problem-solving skills. Competition and group projects will help them learn how to work together effectively and troubleshoot problems.

3- Student Created Experiments and Creations

Encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. A way in which to do this is to have students create their own experiments. This can be done by having them design an experiment to test a scientific hypothesis or by creating a new device based on an existing invention. Encourage those creative minds with paintings or sculptures using STEM principles.

4- Can’t Dance? Maybe an Algorithm

Use math and science activities to help students understand how engineering concepts work. For example, you could have students solve engineering problems using algorithms or graph models.

5- From Idea to Blueprint, to Prototype

Use engineering designs and experiments as teaching tools. Have students build prototypes or create scientific explanations for the results of their experiments. Start with designing the lab and work from there.

6- Use What They Know, Technology

Use technology to support your lessons. For example, you can supplement your lectures with online resources such as Khan Academy or TED-Ed. Another approach is to use computer games and simulations. These allow students to learn using technology. They also help students understand how various concepts work together.

7- Hands-on Activities Means Hands up for Answers Later

This can help to reinforce key learning points and make the material more engaging for students. Playing with Lego bricks can help students learn about geometry and engineering principles. It’s a fact, no one is ever too old for Legos.

8- Creativity is its Own Reward

Reward student achievement with creative projects. This can be done in various by giving extra credit for completing online labs or even organizing student-led competitions. By rewarding student achievement with engaging creative projects, you will help them learn about STEM disciplines and keep them excited.

There is a growing demand for skilled students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects. Unfortunately, many students struggle to learn about these topics in an engaging and fun way. Try out some of the proceeding hacks to help integrate the STEM curriculum into your classroom without breaking the bank or forcing your students to take on too much extra work. By incorporating these easy hacks into your classwork, you will help your students learn about STEM concepts in a fun and memorable way.