The innovative proposal offered by METAVERSE as a new reality where a series of aspects of traditional reality and virtual reality will converge makes the large marketing companies and Myths Regarding Cryptocurrency of goods and services interested and those of the financial and banking sector.

There are many expectations regarding adopting a new virtual reality that offers many a new way of life where activities such as working, studying, and having fun can be carried out simultaneously without the need to be there.

The capitalization that the Metaverse can acquire by the year 2030 is between the incredible sum of 10,000 and 15,000 million dollars, assuming that at least people will be able to engage in this environment for at least one hour a day.

It may take a little longer to adopt this new technological strategy since it is estimated that it will cover the DIGITAL MARKET by the year 2026, so it is not surprising to expect that many companies will decide to invest in this new proposal.

We have seen how companies are already involved in the entertainment, technology, real estate, and fashion sectors. Many are already making profits from these technological mergers between virtual reality and people’s daily lives.

The banking sector is not left out of the Metaverse

Here, we see the result of the management and knowledge of CRYPTOCURRENCIES since it allows many to have a general idea of ​​what carrying out financial transactions in person is like without having to use intermediaries.

The concept of traditional banking entities merging with the Metaverse aims to make banking operations easier for users to perform personally, thus achieving a different and more accessible experience.

For many banking entities,  ​​having more significant contact with users through augmented or virtual reality where avatars would represent a solution to banking problems in a pleasant and fast way is very attractive.

It is presumed that by 2030 almost 50% of the world’s population could be making use of what is intended to be the Metaverse, which indicates that the use of technology to satisfy the financial needs of users will be greater.

This is where the importance of adapting the banking and financial sector to information technologies lies, and who knows if even adopting cryptocurrencies as a currency of exchange in various operations.

In this way, the service portfolio of traditional banking entities would be diversified. However, the dilemma of the legality and support of digital currencies worldwide still remains.

The fact that the employees of the banking entities have a VIRTUAL TWIN or avatar that contributes to the attention of the banking users could favor their interrelation and even a more significant positioning and popularity of the banking entities.

All this would attract more customers since the services that banking entities aspire to offer would be truly innovative.

Many may consider the Metaverse as a fashion trend or something temporary. Still, everything indicates that whoever does not get involved or adopt this new virtual way of life could be left out of the market.

The banking entity that is already in the Metaverse

It is considered the first bank to invest to be part of the Metaverse, but it is not only a less influential bank; it is the most well-known bank in the United States that has invested in being part of this new technological platform.

As many experts have valued blockchain technology as one of the most efficient and complete platforms that allow financial operations to be carried out based mainly on calculations and the solution of mathematical algorithms, there is no doubt that it should be in the Metaverse.

The financial institution JP Morgan has decided to enter the world of virtual reality and has done so in a big way. Through the Metaverse of Decentraland created Onyx Lounge, the directors of JP Morgan have decided to venture into this new environment to diversify their investments.

Authenticity is one of the main characteristics as far as the Metaverse is concerned; the main objective of this type of investment is to monetize and capitalize through the Web3 the income received from the daily activities of such a prestigious entity.

The Onyx Lounge is nothing more than a 3D version where the bank’s services are offered but based on the digital currency Ethereum.


Definitely, everything points to a technological era where finance and the various sectors that makeup today’s society will merge, which will make it essential to adapt to a new financial and technical reality.