Battletech And its Cheats

The gaming industry has developed in unprecedented ways. Every now and then we come across multiple games in different genres which are highly enjoyed by the gamers. From horror and action to adventure and puzzle-solving, there are different categories in which games can be enjoyed.

Battletech is one of the games which have taken the industry with hype. Gamers are highly interested in this game due to the excitement it provides.

Although it is a difficult game, it becomes much easier with Battletech cheats. It is essentially a strategy based game that has a very steep learning curve. A lot of time is spent shooting missiles and surviving.

This article will guide you over the different cheats that can be used in order to make the game easier and more interesting than what it already is.

  1. Infinite Money
  2. Editing Things
  3. Focus Fire
  4. Crit Seeking
  5. Line of sight
  6. Defensive positioning
  7. It is all about location
  8. Company management

1.Infinite Money

The infinite money cheat is perhaps the most common and most useful of all the cheat codes that you will find for this game. The cost of the item can easily be edit. For instance, if you want a Laser Small, you can make the item cheaper. Thereafter, you can purchase the item. Bring it back to its original price. Subsequently, the same item can be sold at an expensive rate and thus, you can earn infinite amount of money out of it.
This can be done by following the steps herein below:

  • Browse the said folder: Your Steam Installation Folder \steamapps\ common, BATTLE TECH \ Data\ Streaming Assets\data \weapon\.
  • Open the “Weapon_Laser_ Small Laser_0- STOCK . json” file with a note pad.
  • Find the: “Cost” : 30000.
  • Make the entry and thereafter, change it to a greater number, for instance, making it 15 million or whatever number suits your preference.
  • Remember to change it back later and always back up any files you edit

2.Editing Things

Although this is not a proper cheat code, it is one of the ways in which you can make the game much easier and more fun for you. There are different statistics within the game which will impact how you perform. These statistics can be tweaked with. Once you have installed the game, go to the folder called “Battle Tech_Data \ Streaming Assets\ data”. This folder may be different depending on where you save the game.

Inside this data directory, you will find a lot of archives which will be named “.json”. You can easily open any of them and use the texteditor to modify anything as per your preference. For instance, if you want to change the initial XP of the first pilots, you can change the statistics from the relevant folder. Just open the folder called pilots.json and change the XP.

In the same way, you can get a great deal of money in the very beginning. Just open the relevant folder and change the details to get more money. There is a multitude of things that can be changed within the data directory. You can change statistics of Mech. You are free to experiment in this regard and make changes completely as per your preference.

3. Focus Fire

This is one of the effective cheats and tips that can be considered during the game play in order to make the results more fruitful and effective. If your Mechs are able to fire and range on a single enemy unit together, you are more likely to take the Weapon Systems out of the match. In order to maximize the ability to focus better and fire in a more effective way, you should use the terrain as much as possible.

4. Crit Seeking

In order to be more tactically active and beneficial in the game, you should sequence the attacks. If there are high damage attacks leveled on the enemy, it can punch holes in them. This will help in achieving Crit Seek. It will enable to damage their internal structure. The first critical attack will damage the internal structure. The second critical attack will completely destroy the component. If you want to be more effective in the attacking front, you can use Machine Guns. These guns can help in increasing the chances of leveling critical attacks.

5. Line of sight

The line of sight can effectively be used at your advantage. If other obstacles and terrain can be used to block the line of sight to your units, the enemy can be restricted in hundreds of ways. For instance, if LRMs are not with the enemies, they will not be able to shoot you. In the even they have LRMs, they may use the indirect fire technique to target you. There are different cheats and tactics used in order to deal with this issue. Sensor lock is often used by players just to reveal one unit. Thereafter, long range units are then used to engage even before the enemy can identify your units.

6. Defensive positioning

This is game is much more of defensive tactics than the offensive ones. It is imperative that defensive techniques are being leveraged in the maximum manner. Although this is strictly not a cheat code, it can be used as an important technique to make the most out of the game. You can offer front to the enemy. Once this is done, you can take damage on the one side. Thereafter, show the enemy your undamaged side. This is how defensive positioning can help and impose much more damage. You should also beware of the quicker and swifter enemies.

7. It is all about location

Location plays a very important role in Battletech. While you are moving throughout the map, you can conveniently check the hit chances by simply moving the mouse over the enemies. Take your time to figure this out, and make the most out of the location to gain tactical advantage over the enemies.

8. Company management

The game is not only about action and adventure. You need to have management skills in order to be amazing at this game. For instance, it is always a good idea to invest in pilots and training pods earlier. When you are negotiating, you should always get Priority Salvage Slots. Also, it is a good idea to keep the spare mechs mission ready. This will help you from a tactical point of view in the game. Thus, do not only focus on the action and adventure skills but also how to manage different elements in order to make the most out of it.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major tips and cheats that you can avail in order to have a fun experience of Battletech. However, this is not all. As you play the game, you will come across different elements within the game which you will familiarize yourself with. It will help you enjoy the game at a better level.

Battletech cheats, tips and tricks make the game easier. However, you should note that it will not help you master the game. In order to master it, you have to play it consistently and perform in a consistent manner. Nevertheless, you can use the cheats to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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