Beautiful Rings That Suit Nearly Any Occasion

Rings are known for completing the look and enhance the overall makeover. We spend so much on makeup to put some extra glamour on our face, and then take so long to decide the lip shade. Along with this, selecting the dress for the show is another long and time-consuming story.

In short, we spend so much on a dress, and makeup, or even a perfect fragrance that might go with the evening, but we miss our fingers and hands! That is the sad part that needs attention. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing beautiful rings that suit nearly any occasion.

Minimalist rings:

If you are looking for some cool rings which you need to wear in an informal evening or dinner; not something like huge, and you want to keep it simple so minimalist rings should be your go. These rings are simple, and round in shape. It is somewhat grayish in shade and gives a very stubble and complete look. However, these rigs are very simple and plain. It will only complement simple looks.

Bold statement rings:

A big and large stone fitted into the metal of the ring making your hand noticeable giving it a bold kind of look. It also looks cool and simple but it gives a heavy look; somewhat near to classy-heavy kind of something. It seems like the wearer of the bold statement ring is confident and bold.

It needs to be carried very carefully. It might over-do your look also. You can wear it with coat pants, or a corporate dress, or maybe in a formal meeting.

Mid rings:

The new trend is to wear rings in the middle of the finger. This might seems creepy but it is actually very cool! It gives a sleek and somewhat voguish look. It adds to the beauty. You can carry it with general rings too; it looks perfectly fine! It is a good idea to wear rings at formal parties, or office dinners. People often find mid rings a little different and they tend to complement it!

So if you are going to wear a mid-ring, be ready for so many compliments.

Finger Claw:

These rings are also known as full finger rings. The amazing part of these rings is that you wear it on your nails instead of inserting it into the finger. These kinds of rings are known for occasions like Halloween party or a get-up. Finger claw rings are long, nails shape type ring which gets fits into the upper part of the finger.

Finger claw rings cannot be carried in daily-look or a formal or informal meeting, since they are extra fancy. People hesitate in wearing it on occasions like weddings too.


There are rings for every type of occasion. It depends on the wearer either they want a graceful look, or something heavy, or perhaps something heavy along with being fancy! Rings are an essential part of any get over and very important to complete a look.

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