Binary Options Trading System in Brief

In today’s modern world, there is an online alternative to almost everything. Starting from marketing, banking, schooling to working, there is no such thing that can not be done online. There is a way to invest online, too, through the Binary Options Trading System.

What is a Binary Trading System?

The Binary Options Trading System is an online way of making large sums of money within a short period. Making correct and intellectual predictions about market costs can lead to significant profits, while investing money can be equally advantageous. Oppositely, investments are lost on expiration in cases of flawed deductions and predictions. Expiration time or date, invested capital and market value are factors upon which binary trading is dependent. It is an internet-based trading system where both professional and non-professional investors can invest on the binary trading platform, which is free of cost.

Where to Trade Binary Option?

Here is a list of platforms and online brokers to trade Binary Options.

  • IQ Option– Best for binary trading
  • Recommended for Beginners
  • Binomo- For Trading Tournaments
  • RaceOption – For Great Bonuses
  • Pocket Option- Great for American traders
  • ExpertOption- Best For Social Trading
  • Olymp Trade- Optimal for Indian Traders

Fees for Binary Options

The trade price of a binary option is always between $0-$100. Apart from this, there is always a bid and ask price. Each option’s buying and selling price and the profit or loss made off each option is always between 0-100 dollars. Binary trade income is also taxed, when not compiled to can lead to fines and penalties.

Pick your Option Time Frame

A binary option time frame defines the chart length of the option and the period before it expires. A significant part of this trade is picking your option time frame since your final income severely depends on it. One must keep in mind the factors such as asset/market type, expiration time and trading strategy while picking the Option time frame.

Trading Volatility

Volatility measures the fluctuations and variations of a particular asset or option price over time. Volatile markets have high fluctuating prices, while non-volatile markets have a more or less constant market price. Traders, trading volatility, can become highly profited through trading Binary Options. Buying options when the market is less volatile and selling it when volatility increases are what makes trading volatile options so profitable. However, it is indeed a risky investment and requires careful observation and selection of Option time frames.

Pros and Cons of Binary Options


  • The amount of money at the risk of loss is under the investor’s control
  • One can control the magnitude of risk since traders can trade $10 too, making room for practice and experience.
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Quick and easy payouts
  • Trading is not affected by low market prices
  • Anyone can invest anytime and anywhere
  • The trader is free to close his option before expiry to ensure a profit or reverse a loss.


  • Softwares used to practice binary trading often lacks practicality making actual binary trading riskier.
  • Risky- market price is volatile, and a strict time frame adds further pressure, especially when rooting for larger payouts.
  • Brokers do not always provide sufficient information, tools and assistance in making correct judgements.
  • Significant ratio difference between wins and losses (unfavourable)
  • Risk of fraud and scam
  • For every wrong prediction, the trader loses everything

There are both high and low risks to Binary Trading depending upon the situation. Even though it is pretty simple, it can get complicated further down. It just takes the correct strategy and mindfulness to win the trade.

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