Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology- pros and cons

In this world where societies are improving rapidly, information needs to be stored and managed properly and safely so that they can also work as a part of this improvement. For this, blockchain content is perfect and hence it is mostly in use now in almost every sector such as agriculture, education, IT, medical, industries, economy, etc. The latest innovation that also adopted this technology is cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, being the first cryptocurrency used Blockchain technology so immensely that the whole network and its working techniques are based on this technology. To understand how Blockchain technology works in bitcoin, you have to understand the technology itself first.

Blockchain technology:

As the word ‘blockchain’ refers, it is a never-ending chain; a chain of data stored in it. The technology is completely online-based. No paperwork is needed here. The data are stored in online ledgers. An online ledger is just like a physical ledger which you use to write information about something but in this case, the ledger is an online storage space. So, in a system, when multiple users are part of the Blockchain, the data that are stored in their respective online ledgers, are linked together. Here one thing that is interesting is that all the users can access all the data because data from the first ledger are being duplicated and stored in the second ledger with the new data here. In this process, the Blockchain is formed where the ledgers are known as blocks.

This is a well-organized technology. To work in it you don’t have to do any setup. Blockchain technology runs that way in a continuous manner and unlimited users can enter it and unlimited data can be stored in it.

 Contribution of Blockchain technology in Bitcoin network

The basic technology on which Bitcoin network works is known as the blockchain technology. This technology assigns data storing spaces for recording each and every transaction that takes place in the Bitcoin network. Each time a user invests or trades in BTC, the information regarding the transaction gets stored in the public ledger which acts like a simple register. The best part about this technology and its ledger is that, once a data gets stored in here, nobody can alter it at any instance. Thus, even if a cyber crime takes place, the miners would get notice of such events immediately. Moreover, the complicated programs and codes in which the blockchain stores the transaction histories are impossible for even the high tech hackers to crack.  The data are being duplicated and broadcasted in every block of the network. When the transactions get verified the data are saved permanently and thus with the addition of every new user and with every transaction, the Blockchain technology in bitcoin is being spread and so is the bitcoin network too.

Pros of Blockchain technology in bitcoin:

  • Blockchain technology works based completely on its users. There is no central point of control. So, no government or bank or any other authority gets to control it as a third party. This decentralized feature is a great advantage of the technology.
  • The data that is saved in the Blockchain of bitcoin are safeguarded with cryptographic encryption. They can’t be modified or deleted once stored. They are also well distributed to all the users. So, the safety measure is very strong here.
  • All the transactions are peer-to-peer.
  • The Blockchain network is open-sourced. Also, people can access the network at any time 24*7.
  • One major advantage of this technology is it facilitates fast and seamless bitcoin transactions. Even international transactions take place within 10 minutes.
  • Due to no government interaction and fast transactions, this technology also facilitates low-cost transactions.

Cons of Blockchain technology in bitcoin:

Blockchain technology doesn’t have any such disadvantages but two things can be talked about.

  • The entire blockchain techbology is based on the online platform which is quite accessible to the hackers out there. So, though the technology ensures ultimate safety this fact can’t be avoided totally.
  • The other disadvantageous factor is the decentralized network of bitcoins.  Some experts have to worry that it can be used for illegal activities or illegal fund transfers.


Blockchain technology has made bitcoin successful in its growth. For these excellent advantages of the technology, people mostly prefer to use bitcoin. Bitcoin is being massively traded and invested nowadays. A reliable platform that is offering some great facilities for bitcoin trading is The online trading platforms can be a good option to start your bitcoin investment journey and it can help you to make wise investment decisions.