Bitcoin Questions Answered 

What is bitcoin?

The person or people who invented bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto has introduced the concept of decentralized transaction. This has revolutionized the way we have done the transactions so far. In creating bitcoin, Nakamoto also introduced the Deep Div database. Nakamoto was involved in creating bitcoin until 2010, after which he suddenly disappeared.

Bitcoin was founded in 2009. Bitcoin was made as an electronic P2P system., It has also fascinated curious investors as a currency like gold.

What about the history of bitcoin? 

An anonymous entity, Satoshi Nakamoto, published a white paper that describes the bitcoin concept. According to Ollie Leach, editor at CoinDesk, a popular cryptocurrency news outlet, the paper outlined how bitcoin would work, and the currency formally launched on January 3, 2009. The mystery around the name Satoshi Nakamoto continues to do rounds on the internet, there is no confirmed news on who is Satoshi Nakamoto.

What makes Bitcoin transactions so popualr?

The inventor of the cryptocurrency can establish its settings, which cannot be changed once it is released. These rules, which have been in place since the beginning, turn bitcoin into a genuinely scarce resource, limiting the total amount that will ever be available.

“Now that it is exposed, no one, not the government, not Satoshi himself, can modify it. Also, Bitcoin transactions cannot be duplicated, nor can they be recreated, and so it solves the problem of double spending.

Since new ores and pockets are discovered all the time, gold is only a comparatively scarce resource.

Compared to a resource like gold, bitcoin is also much more easier to transact and store.

Why invest in bitcoin?

A bitcoin investment differs from traditional stocks and bonds issued by public companies. It is a currency that can be sent electronically anywhere. The creators of bitcoin saw it as a genuinely international currency without any ties to any government, bank, or enterprise.

The popularity of this digital money has skyrocketed, and more people, including well-known individuals and organizations, have discovered how it works. For example, Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and accepts cryptocurrencies as payment for its vehicles.

What is the downside of Bitcoin mining?

The hazards associated with bitcoin mining are primarily monetary and restricting in nature.

As a result, connection mining regions may be able to mitigate this risk. If you’re thinking about mining and living in a district where it’s illegal, you should reconsider. It is one of the drawbacks of Bitcoin mining expansion.

Is bitcoin trading safe? 

Buying and selling Bitcoin is called bitcoin trading. When you hear the term bitcoin trading, you might get mixed signals, which is understandable given that there is still a lot to learn about this new type of currency trading, and several factors make cryptocurrency trading not entirely safe; at the very least, there is no guarantee that Bitcoin will be worth money.

Money could be stolen from your bitcoin wallet, and the value of the virtual currency could fluctuate rapidly, lowering the value of your investment and perhaps causing you to lose money if the exchange platform fails. Of course, you could make a lot of money if you buy and the price skyrockets.

How to convert bitcoin to cash? 

Here are several options for converting bitcoin to cash:

  • Use a cryptocurrency exchange to sell bitcoin. It is the easiest option if you want to sell bitcoins and deposit the proceeds into a bank account.
  • Use a bitcoin ATM. There are about 2,200 bitcoin ATMs around the world right now. If you stand a chance to own one, you can use it to trade bitcoins for real cash.
  • Use a bitcoin debit card. Many websites offer the option to sell bitcoins for prepaid debit cards.
  • Sell ​​bitcoins to friends. If you have friends who want to buy bitcoins, you can sell them to them for fiat money.


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