Black Friday Shopping Tips For 2022

Some of us wait all year for the Black Friday shopping season, our minds racing with the prospect of getting the best deal on a new television, smart speaker, printer, network accessories, or other high-tech devices.

However, 2022 will provide some new issues, including major shortages in key product categories—yes, laptop computers and gaming consoles, we’re looking at you—along with greater transportation prices and longer delivery periods for things bought online.

It’s also difficult to know when to go shopping. Some of the biggest retailers began their holiday sales weeks earlier than usual this year, and consumers must decide whether to buy early to ensure they get the items they want, or to wait until closer to Black Friday to get the best deals. Our best Black Friday shopping advice can help you get the greatest deals while avoiding annoyance and overpaying.

What Exactly Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which has traditionally been a holiday in and of itself for many employees. It is traditionally a day full of special shopping deals and big discounts, and it marks the start of the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday sales are frequently regarded as a litmus test for the country’s overall economic condition, as well as a way for economists to gauge the average American’s confidence in discretionary spending. Lower Black Friday sales figures, according to those who believe in the Keynesian assumption that spending drives economic activity, are a sign of slower growth.

Before You Buy Anything, Do Some Preliminary Research On The Items You Want.

It’s pointless to get a decent deal if the product isn’t any good. During the holiday season, customers have frequently seen squabbling over goods we would never suggest. It pays to do your homework. We have laboratory test results for hundreds of items, so utilize our reviews to choose which products are best for you and your budget. Download the Which? reviews app to see if the product you’re considering is a flop or a winner.

Some websites allow you to create a wishlist of everything you want to buy. Having a pre-made list makes it easier to see when prices drop, which is especially useful on Black Friday when big websites will be flooded with deals on things you don’t want: rather than trawling through every product on sale, you can click into your list to see if anything you want is on sale.

Begin Your Black Friday Shopping As Soon As Possible.

Many stores have announced bargains a week or two before Black Friday in previous years, and some merchants ran campaigns throughout November last year. If you’re waiting until Black Friday to look for offers, keep in mind that the finest deals – especially big-ticket items – are likely to be snatched up fast, and some products may already be sold out. Keep an eye out for bargains throughout the month, and read our Black Friday insider’s guide to stay up to date on new deals as they become available.

Be Aware Of Unfamiliar Brands.

While Samsung and Sony are well-known for their televisions, what about Polaroid and Blaupunkt? Black Friday specials are everywhere, but just because a LED screen says 4K and HDR on the box doesn’t guarantee it’ll have a better image than a Best Buy model. We’re not arguing that every brand you’ve never heard of is awful, but there’s a reason why certain brands are household names and others only appear during sales. If we haven’t tested a product from a certain brand, chances are it’s not worth buying.

Shop Online Instead Of Going To In-store Sales.

While there will most likely be a few more in-store promotions than last year, analysts anticipate a lower number than in pre-pandemic days. Retailers, on the other hand, will offer more of the same incentives online as they do in-store. Online customers may also see an increase in free delivery offers and ship-to-store schemes with curbside collection.

We’ve seen promotional activity spread across all retail channels in the last several years, even before the epidemic. This year, we may see an increase in online marketing just after Thanksgiving as merchants aim to entice tired Black Friday shoppers. Seize the opportunity and order that custom hybrid lash extension you have dreamt of owning for a while. I believe the days of huge in-store-only Black Friday early promos are largely over.

Stay Active On Social Media Platforms.

Your favorite stores’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are excellent places to learn about special bargains and promotions. Customers who like or follow retailers are frequently rewarded with special alerts regarding Black Friday discounts and incentives. Of course, messages, tweets, and social media posts are quick ways to communicate Black Friday shopping information with your pals.

Make A Budget—And Then Stick To It.

Yes, it appears to be straightforward. However, Black Friday bargains, particularly doorbuster specials offered in limited numbers, are meant to bring you into a store or online so that the business may sell you things you didn’t expect to buy. It’s quite tempting to become swept up in the enthusiasm and overspend. Decide ahead of time how much you want your Black Friday shopping trip to cost, and try to avoid impulse purchases, especially if you’re not sure how good a deal is.


Follow our expert advice to get the greatest deals on the finest goods on Black Friday.

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