Collectable Items for Music Lovers

Finding gifts for music lovers can seem easy at first, but once you start to think about it you realize it might not be the breeze you first thought! They probably listen to all their favorite songs on streaming platforms, and perhaps you are not even sure exactly what music they like? Don’t worry! There are many unique and exciting gift options out there for music lovers.

Finding the Right Gift

Buying gifts for people is hard, in general, but music lovers can sometimes be a little extra difficult! Unless you know exactly what kind of music they like and what they are into musically, you might end up giving them something they already have or aren’t interested in.

The solution is to go for items they can collect and save – something that can come to have sentimental value and bring them closer to the one thing they are the most passionate about, which supposedly is music. One item that has exploded in popularity (again) in recent years is the vinyl record.

Collecting Vinyl Records

Music lovers have been collecting vinyl records for decades, and it has become trendy again after seemingly taking a bit of a break. Suddenly everyone wants their favorite records on vinyl, and for the music lover, it almost seems like any vinyl record (especially vintage records) are worth adding to the collection.

Sure, you can get a musical instrument for the music lover in your family or friend circle, but do they know how to play, and are they even interested in playing? And if the answer is yes – it can be very hard to choose a good musical instrument if you lack knowledge and experience.

Instead, play it safe and get a gift you really can’t go wrong with. Not only can you collect vinyl records, but they can also make a great addition to any music lover’s home decor.

Creative Gift Options

If you get a vinyl record or two but still feel like it isn’t enough, you can always compliment the gift with a box or stand to store the records in. When you collect vinyl or other vintage items, you usually want to show them off!

You can even make a stand yourself with a bit of creativity, with wood PVC pipes, or any material you feel comfortable working with! This will make an even more personalized gift suited for a music lover, guaranteed.

Do They Have a Turntable?

For someone who wants to go the extra mile, you can always get them a turntable as well, just in case, they don’t already have one! Nothing beats being able to actually listen to the records in your collection.


When you are dealing with a true music lover, you can never really go wrong with adding to their vinyl record collection. Music, to the trained ear, doesn’t sound the same on a digital streaming platform as it does on vinyl records.

It won’t matter that they can listen to any song in the world, for free, on the internet, and they are almost guaranteed to love the gift of a physical record. Try to figure out what type of music the person likes, or just go with a classic that would look good in any collection.

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