Does Madison Square Garden Offer Luggage Storage? Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to catch a game at Madison Square Garden? Or see your favorite artist perform? Also known as The Garden or MSG, Madison Square Garden is a multi-purpose arena located in the heart of New York City. Many people travel to New York City to watch the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Rangers play at Madison Square Garden. People also travel from all over the world to see their favorite artists perform in the city that never sleeps. Whether you are traveling to New York City specifically for an event at Madison Square Garden or it’s just one of your many stops, you might be wondering what to do with your luggage. Using luggage storage in Madison Square Garden can make traveling with luggage less stressful.

Is There Luggage Storage in Madison Square Garden?

If you are going to Madison Square Garden and you have bags with you, you might be wondering if there is luggage storage in Madison Square Garden. You could be waiting to check into your hotel room or AirBnB and have no place to put your bags while you are out and about in the city. Or you might be out shopping right before an event and you can’t take all of your shopping bags into the venue with you. Having luggage storage in Madison Square Garden would be convenient, right? However, there isn’t luggage storage in Madison Square Garden on-site. You can easily find luggage storage near Madison Square Garden that works perfect if you are looking to drop off your bags for an evening while you are out on the town.

Where Can I Store My Luggage?

There are many options for luggage storage near Madison Square Garden. It’s up to you to pick the best location that is most convenient. If you are planning on doing more than seeing a concert at the venue, it’s actually better to not have luggage storage in the Madison Square Garden venue itself. Storing your luggage near Madison Square Garden can make it easier to access if you are doing multiple things in the area such as seeing Times Square or the Museum of Modern Art. If you are looking to grab a bite to eat before a concert, you definitely don’t want to be rolling your suitcase into Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse or Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. You don’t have to wait around to check into the place you are staying so you can put your bags in your room. As soon as you get into town, you can store your luggage and make the most of your trip in the big city. Some top places to store your luggage near Madison Square Garden are:

  • Penn Station Storage Point
  • Penn Station Luggage Storage Spot
  • Penn Station Luggage Storage Location

All of these locations are within walking distance of Madison Square Garden located at local retail shops and restaurants. If those locations don’t work for you, you can look at several other options and pick the location that will work for you and your plans.

How Can I Store My Luggage?

Using luggage storage near Madison Square Garden couldn’t get much easier. You can store your luggage for $4.75 per bag for a 24 hour period. And there are no size limits for your bag(s) either. Whether you have a big rolling suitcase or a few shopping bags, you don’t have to worry about a limit for your luggage. 

Some people may express concern about the safety of their bags. Because companies like Bounce partner with local businesses, your luggage isn’t left in a secluded area without surveillance. It’s monitored by local business owners who care about the safety of your belongings. Upon arrival, you are given a security seal to put on your bag for maximum safekeeping. You are also given $10,000 in insurance so your items are covered. There are just four simple steps to storing your luggage:

  • Find online the most convenient location for you
  • Reserve your spot online at that location
  • Drop off your luggage and receive a security seal
  • Enjoy the city!

You can either book online or use the mobile app. This makes it easy to have your reservation already booked before you even arrive in the city. That way, once you arrive you can quickly drop off your luggage and begin your vacation in the city.

Luggage Storage Made Easy 

Although there isn’t luggage storage in Madison Square Garden, you can easily find luggage storage near Madison Square Garden. Since you can’t take bags into the venue, using luggage storage is the best way to stow away your bags and not have to worry about them during your time in the city. You can go enjoy watching the Knicks play or your favorite artists knowing that your bags are stored safely for just a small fee. Storing your luggage doesn’t get any easier than that.