Frightening Roblox Games That Will Give You Nightmares

Roblox is an online game platform where users can play and create anything, so it is not doubt that there are hundreds of popular games that are played by millions of players around the world. Titles like Jailbreak, MeepCity, Adopt Me!, Welcome to Bloxburg and others are in the top most played games on Roblox.

But today we are going to look at the scariest games on Roblox. Prepare to play through some epic nightmares alone (if you dare) or with your friends! Jump scares, psychological horrors, creepy sounds and anything you dread – including darkness, await you. While this is a short summary, here is a complete list of scary Roblox games.

Top 5 Horror Roblox Games of 2020

  1. Alone in a Dark House (2020)

Although the title says you’re “Alone in a Dark House,” the thing is you are not actually alone! The house is indeed dark and all the doors are unlocked, letting you explore if you’ve got the courage. Some people haven’t been able to finish the game! As you progress through the rooms, you come across the weirdest and creepiest objects, including some bloodstains on the floor, and your imagination starts going wild. This is a great game on Roblox that you should try alone… with the lights off!

  1. Dead Silence (2011) 

One of the most popular horror Roblox games is Dead Silence, which is based on a 2007 supernatural horror movie. You can play with up to three friends and find out what happened to Lisa, who was found dead at home, with her tongue carved out. The story will reveal Mary Shaw, a dead ventriloquist. Shaw was surely the owner of the ventriloquist doll that Lisa had been playing with before she was found dead.

  1. Roses (2017)

This first person single player horror game will have you enter a haunted mental asylum and look for your friend Max, who has been missing. Forget about finding Max if you are a scaredy-cat! Look for clues, explore the area and try not to yell!

  1. The Apartment

Do not look back! A haunted house may seem like a walk in the park if you are a seasoned horror games player. But why not go through various apartments in a whole building and explore them while evil lurks around every corner. The jump scares are too much to handle as you go up every floor, but you can make things bearable (or not) if you bring a friend along.

  1. The Mirror

This single-player psychological horror comes with three simple tasks: dim the lights, stare at the mirror and try not to lose it when things start to happen! Try to play this game with the lights off and let your mind play tricks on you.

Other Horror Games on Roblox

These titles are some of the spookiest games on Roblox. You could also check out other horror games, such as Before the Dawn: Redux (2017), Granny (2018), Bear Alpha, Stop it, Slender! (2010), Project Lazarus: Zombies, Zombie Attack (2017), The Elevator (2020), or School History.

You can play all of these games in single-player mode, but if you would rather have other people around you, we included several games that have a multiplayer mode. This way, you can have your friends join in for some fun, creepy moments.

To play Roblox games, you will need a device that has one of these operating systems: Xbox One, macOS, Windows PC (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10), Android, iOS, Fire OS, Chrome OS (version 53 or above), and Classic Mac OS.


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