What are the 15 Games like Summertime Saga?

Summertime Saga has made an incredible name in the gaming industry. It stands as one of the, if not the best simulation based games. From boasting high graphics to exceptional game-play, it entails multiple features which creates a sense of excitement within the gamers. There are innumerable mysteries and scenarios which evokes interest in the person who is playing the game.

However, if you are now done with game and want to have a similar experience, then there are several other games like Summertime Saga. This article will serve you as a guide on the 15 other games which can be played as an alternative to Summertime Saga.

Top 15 games like Summertime Saga

  1. Momiro closet
  2. Waifu academy
  3. Lab rat
  4. Snow daze
  5. A town uncovered
  6. Coming out on top
  7. Crusoe had it easy
  8. Ladykiller in a bind
  9. Dreaming of Dana
  10. Sisterly Lust
  11. Amber’s magic shop
  12. Harem Party
  13. Monster Prom
  14. Life is Good
  15. Good girl gone bad

Momoiro Closet

The first and foremost alternative to Summertime Saga which makes it to this list is Momoiro Closet. This is another game based on a visual novel. It is about an individual Joe’s exploration of the romance. It is an ideal experience if you are into creative simulation games. The gamer will have to make different choices and the game will proceed according to the decisions that you will make. This game is also primarily premised on the idea of love and lust which adds a flavour of romance. It is an exciting experience, however, in order to avail the same, you will have to pay a nominal price for it.

Waifu academy

This is another ideal alternative that you can enjoy if you are done with Summertime Saga. It is about a youth who wants to take revenge after several years of going through distressing experiences. There are over 20 characters in the game and each one of them has a different and unique background. This makes it much more interesting to engage yourself in the game. The setting of the game is a fictional school. Most importantly, this game can be played for free and be downloaded on mobile phones without any problem. If you are fond of adventure simulation games, then Waifu Academy must be your game to go with.

Lab Rats

This might just be one of those games which can be attractive and appealing to those gamers who love scientific games. It can even be fun for students of chemistry. Lab Rats is an interesting and exciting game that you can go for as an alternative to Summertime Saga. The game is premised in a chemical lab where the gamer will experience several problems. The gamer is then required to resolve the problems to proceed in the game. There are different chemical solutions and formulas that you need to get your head around with. It has one of the best gaming stories which is a combination of love, excitement and adventure. The game can be downloaded on your PC, Android phone and even on Mac systems. Therefore, if you are a science geek, then you may just want to play this game.

Snow Daze

This is another game which is also based on a novel. If you are into love and adventure, then this is one of the best games that can be played. The main character of the game is Jason who is a musician and has crush on step sisters and step mom. The main character then has to leverage the musical talent to get what is to be done. It boasts exciting series of event which will not only take out the creative person out of you but also make you a gaming addict. This game is absolutely free of cost which is one of the major benefits to play this game.

A town uncovered

Summertime Saga is a visual dating game and such games have been fun recently and this game has been on the top of it. However, this game is another creative alternative that is highly enjoyed by the gamers out there. The main character of the game is a person who has just visited a town for the first time. Thereafter, he joins a high school as a senior student. The main objective of the game is to meet new people and live the most of your life. It is also a game based on choices and will proceed according to the decisions that you will make. The game can be downloaded free on Android smart phones and devices.

Coming out on top

This is a game that every men gamer should try. Being a men, you would want to know how men interact with others. This is an ideal game to have an idea about it. It is a simulation dating game where gamers need to interact with other people. There are hundreds of things that you can explore and experience during the game. It is a desktop based game. However, the major drawback is that you need to purchase this game from Stream. Nevertheless, it comes at a very affordable cost.

Crusoe had it easy

This is another ideal alternative to Summertime Saga. This is a game where the main character is stranded on an island with the cousin. However, it is not about survival as you may think, but, it has a very sophisticated, yet interesting story. Being alone with the cousin, feelings are developed for the cousin. Based on such story, you have to make different decisions which will result into different endings. You can drive the story according to the choices that you take. It is an exciting game that is available on PC as well.

Ladykiller in a bind

This is one of the best alternatives to Summertime Saga and further based on a novel which was written in the year of 2016. This game sets a story where the main character is compelled to be a twin brother of Christine on a ship where there are several enemies and classmates. As you move along in the game, it turns out to be an amazing story. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy this game, then you need to pay for it. Further, it is a game which is only available for PC gamers.

Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana currently stands as one of the most played simulation dating games. This is a game which many rich kids will be able to relate to in this day and age. It is about a rich and entitled kid who is blessed with each and everything in his lifetime. This results into him being very stubborn, entitled and getting a bad attitude. In the game, that rich kid starts developing close feelings for his father’s sister. There are different characters in the game and each character comes with an individual storyline. If you love dealing with number of characters in a game, then this is an ideal one to go with.

Sisterly lust

As the name speaks for itself, it is a dating game similar to that of Summertime Saga. Similar to the games listed above, it is also a game based on choices. The choices that you will make during the game will have an impact on the results that you get. It entails a lot of real feelings such as trust, love, lust and corruption. You need to make choices in order to not lose trust of your loved ones. It is a free to play game which is available on a variety of platforms including PC, Android and Mac.

Amber’s Magic Shop

This is an amazing alternative to Summertime Saga, however, it is a very dark game which might not be loved by all the gamers. Nevertheless, the fact that it is a dark game makes it sometimes more loveable by people. Amber is the main character in the game who is abandoned in the forests when she was a baby. Thereafter, she was raised by a witch who further decides for Amber to be an alchemist. This is the beginning of the story which later develops into a much interesting series of events. This game can be played for free on Android.

Harem Party

As the name speaks for itself, this game is about partying. This is one of those games which have made parties much more fun. This is a game where the main character has to get into a role of a video game. As the game proceeds, the characters of the video game come out of the screen and thereafter, want a party. This is where the gamers need to interact with such characters and based on such interactions, make different choices. This is a different and an exciting game which is free to download on the PC. It can be one of the best alternatives for Summertime Saga.

Monster Prom

This is one of the most adventurous games out there in the market these days. It is a combination of different gaming elements which make the game much more interesting. It is a visual game for different platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac. It was first released in mid of 2018 developed by one of the best game developers in the world. The game is about getting a monster to go at a prom. You need to thoroughly explore the monster school and face different kinds of situations. It is an enjoyable game where you need to have fun with the monster classmates. Nevertheless, the major drawback is that you need to purchase this game from Stream; but it comes at a nominal price.

Life is Good

This is also an amazing alternative to Summertime Saga. This game is premised on real life situations which make it a very realistic game to play. You need to make choices in first person. The game is a combination of distinct elements of mystery and suspense. The gamer will have to play as a character who moves out with his sister and mom to another city. This is where the major story then begins. There is a need to interact with the characters and thereafter, move forward with the story. This game is readily available on the Android platforms. Most importantly, it can be downloaded for free.

Good girl gone bad

Good girl gone bad is a relatively new game which has made a big name in the gaming industry within a short span of time. Ashley is the main character of the game which is to be played by the gamer. The choices that the gamer makes in the game has a significant impact on the results. The central concept of the game is whether you choose to be a good girl or a bad girl. Similar to the games mentioned above, there are different choices that are needed to be made. The choices that are being made will carve different paths. It is a free to play game which is also available on Android. It is clearly one of the best simulation games out there.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major alternatives to Summertime Saga. However, the gaming industry is very expansive and you may come across different games every now and then. There are other alternatives as well that you can play if you are into simulation games.

You can easily find number of games like Summertime Saga. Irrespective of the game you are playing, you need to ensure that you have the right system in order to enhance the overall gaming experience. Further, you may also go through different game reviews and feedbacks to get practical insights into the game. Even before playing a particular game you may be able to get an idea of the same.

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