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Introduction is a store where you can purchase exclusive video game-related digital goods. We currently sell CS skins: GO.

By providing the skins you’ve always wanted, we want to assist you in improving your game. It is simple and safe to buy from us.

We have control over the skins we choose. No, we are relying on intermediaries or third parties. Since we deliver by hand, there is no chance of getting banned.

We were delivered with a guarantee within 48 hours of the skin unlocking. Handwork is used in all of our transactions to prevent mistakes and ensure the safety of our customers.

Based on the discounted market value, we offer competitive prices. Each skin is selected. We strive to be ahead of the curve to ensure that you leave smiling.

What is Gembyte? is a store where you can purchase things from our select grouping of computerized products from computer games. At present, we sell skins for CS: GO.

What are the costs ready?

The money seen on our item valuing is Diamonds.

What are Diamonds?

Jewels are what you spend to buy products from our store. You buy Diamonds from us, then spend the Jewels in the store.

What amount does a Jewel cost?

A Jewel costs €1

How would I pay for skins?

First, you need to buy jewels from us. Then, at that point, you will want to spend those Diamonds in the store by buying a thing. After buying a thing or things, the related Diamond sum will consequently be deducted from your record.

How would I buy Diamonds?

This should be possible here: Purchase Diamonds. After effectively paying for the Diamonds, they will naturally be added to your record.

How quickly will I get my skins?

It can require as long as 8 days. This is because of Valve’s Exchange Limitations added in 2016. You can peruse more about it here: Exchanging and Market Limitations.

Do I want a Steam record to get the skin?

CS: GO skins are put away on Steam accounts. For us to convey the skin(s) you’ve bought, you want to have a Steam account that is qualified to exchange.

How would I demand a discount?

By displaying your ticket, you can request a discount. You can reach out to us via email to accomplish that. We can be reached at Please read our Discount Strategy before making a discount requests.

Is this site genuine? is a real site. is run and worked by Gembyte Global Oü, an enlisted organization in Estonia (association number: 16374292). You can check our Trustpilot page here. You can likewise peruse more about Gembyte here.

Could I send a gift to a companion?

You can send Jewels to your companion’s Gembyte account through the Diamond exchange page.


How would I download my information?

You can present a solicitation to see your information by emailing us or opening a help ticket. You will get a downloadable .compress record with your information. Significant: if you demand your information, it won’t be erased from Gembyte’s servers. To demand deletion, look question beneath.

Significant: Your information document probably won’t contain the progressions made to your information between the solicitation and the file creation.

Reach us

How would I erase my record?

You can demand account eradication by emailing us or opening a help ticket. Your information will be eradicated according to GDPR Article 17.

Here are a few additional subtleties of gembyte.

Gembyte is a central web-based business stage that proposes in-game labor and products to improve your gaming experience. With a comprehensive exhibit of installment strategies, players can effortlessly purchase skins, gear, consumables, and other in-game things. Famous and upheld games incorporate Counter-Strike, Universe of Warcraft (Goodness), PUBG, and Fortnite, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Gembyte offers cutthroat market rates to ensure players get the best labor and products with completely straightforward valuing. All orders are taken care of in 60 minutes or less. Gembyte ensures conveyance within something like 48 hours of the thing opening. To eliminate disappointments and improve consumer wellbeing, every transaction is completed by hand. Gembyte, which was founded in 2020 by a group of gamers, is run by Gembyte Global Oü, which is based in Tallinn, Estonia.


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Organization size
2-10 representatives
Central Command
Secretly Held
Skins, internet business, and gembyte

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Various sites permit clients to buy skins. With countless sites to browse, it can require investment to be considered reliable. To save time searching for the best CSGO exchanging site, look at Gembyte.

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You can accept various ways to check the Blur rate upsides of CS|GO skins. Outsider commercial centers – use picture pixel assessment to work out the Blur rate upsides of skins. Open-source calculations – that numerically gauge the Blur rate values by changing the paint seed to an example position on the weapon and afterward working it to compute the blurring rate between 80% and 100 percent. Visit the site and check the Blur rate upsides of your CS: GO skins. Find essential CS|GO skins on Genbyte and buy them with the best offers!