Great Gifts for Die-Hard Rock Music Fans

1970s rock photographs are a pure reflection of one of the best decades for rock-n-roll.  For those blessed enough to have been at some of the shows rocking the world at the time, the photographs speak volumes.  If you know someone who’s a die-hard rock fan, consider a photo of their favorite artist.

David Bowie

An amazing character in every photograph ever taken of him, David Bowie loved being in front of the lens.  His 1976 World Tour has some of the most memorable images of him in Boston, Helsinki, Berlin and so many others.

Each pose is an artistic masterpiece of classic black-and-white photography.  Every image provokes curiosity amid the classy eccentricity quintessential to Ziggy Stardust himself.

Gene Simmons

Anyone from KISS is a legend in their own right, but none stick out like Gene Simmons.  Any image of him decked out in full Kiss Army regalia, complete with leather, spikes and platform boots, is perfect for any old school die-hard rock fan.

Of course, you have to get one with his long tongue dropping below his chin.  His imposing stature and monstrous figure will pop on any wall at work or home.

Iggy Pop

The Stooges stand out against the backdrop of music from the 70s because they started out in protest to the hippie movement.  Their deep, bluesy delivery mixed with pure sexuality is evident with singer and front man, Iggy Pop.

Deciding which image to get will be difficult because of the various looks, styles and poses Iggy gets into.  It seems every year he changed his appearance, hair color, haircut, fashion and demeanor.  Do you want a smooth and sexy Iggy or an Iggy who’s intense and powerful?

Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone helped to define American punk throughout the 1970s, with his band The Ramones.  They present a rockabilly-style type of punk along with simple NYC street fashion.

Joey has classic features that aren’t flashy or subtle, which capture well in black-and-white photos.  Even with his simple leather jacket and worn jeans, his slinky, larger-than-life quality is undeniable.  A photo of Joey is a great gift for the punk in your life.

Led Zeppelin

One of the most popular heavy rock bands from the UK during the 70s, Led Zeppelin made their mark with their 1977 American tour.  Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Jon Bonham or the entire group have timeless images any rock fan drools over.

Whether the photo is black-and-white or color, you can feel the energy pop from the page.  You can get a real sense for what it was like as evidenced with sweat, lights and a smoky atmosphere.

The Gift of Photography

Any die-hard rock fan will love a photo of their favorite artists from the 1970s.  It was a memorable decade for music that someone can encapsulate for years to come.  It can serve as an endearment to nostalgia or provide inspiration for those who wish to follow the footsteps to musical stardom.

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