How Do Lawyers Fight Tire Defect Cases Under Personal Injury Statutes?

In the case of defective tires leading to personal injury or death of a driver, passenger, or commuter on the street, the lawyer has to legally fight the case against the manufacturing company, dealer, and mechanic.

These cases come under personal injury clauses. It is the responsibility of the lawyer to prove that the materials used by the manufacturer in the tire like rubber; different types of industrial oils, silica, adhesives, and steel were substandard. Contact a personal injury lawyer for help or to learn more.

The insurance company also has to pay the damage to the driver of the vehicle concerned.

What Should The Tire Company or Dealer Do?

If the manufacturer or dealer of the tire can prove there had been no manufacturing mistake and the highest safety standard of manufacturing was followed during the tire production, the lawyer fighting for the driver may find it difficult to prove otherwise.

A professional lawyer with thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process of a tire can help the client get the damage or defend such a case successfully.

The lawyer hired must be a professional one having handled tire-related accident cases successfully. The client should also verify the number of cases they won or lost in their legal career.

Tire Burst or Defective Tire And Legal Options

An expert tire defect case attorney can go in-depth to find the possible reasons for what happened. It can include relevant legal angles like:

  • The time when the tire of the vehicle exploded
  • Blowouts
  • Separation or disintegration of treads in the tire
  • Separation of the belt

A successful personal injury lawyer makes use of the above causes to implicate the manufacturing company or dealer who supplied the faulty tire. Thus, the victim and plaintiff can expect to get good monetary compensation on winning the case.

A lawyer can prove personal injury through a defective tire by bringing in the following points in defense of the client:

  • Driver loses control of the vehicle due to the faulty manufacturing process of the tire used.
  • An unscientific way of manufacturing tires resulted in rollovers causing pain to the driver.
  • Tire skidded—unbalancing the car or other vehicle like an SUV due to a flawed manufacturing process.
  • Unscientific or flawed manufacturing of tires in the vehicle concerned it to swerve causing pain to the driver.
  • The vehicle in question ran to spinning due to the tire fitted.

In this type of case, the pain point in question is to put the liability of the accident due to the tire and the tire manufacturing company or the dealer who supplied to the client of the lawyer.

In Conclusion 

An attorney can powerfully present these reasons with legal arguments while fighting the case on behalf of their client. The lawyer has to prove the accident and resulting body pain of the driver happened due to substandard fabrication or faulty tire manufacturing. If you come across any such situation, contact a senior personal injury lawyer immediately.