How To Drive a Jet Boat

During the coronavirus pandemic, we saw an unprecedented boom in things like car, RV, plane, and boat sales. Clearly, Americans were itching to get out of their homes and be away from crowds of others.

Today, the number of first-time boat owners is at a 15-year high. If you’re the owner of a new boat, then you might be wondering about how to drive a jet boat. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with just that.

So keep on reading, and we’ll take you through our top jet boat driving tips.

Starting a Jet Boat

To start your jet boat, you simply need to turn on the ignition with a key. Before you do this, you need to know about the kill switch. This is a red knob next to the ignition.

When it’s in the closed position, it won’t let the engine start. It’s recommended that you flip the switch to your life jacket. This way, if you go overboard, the boat will immediately shut off.

You also need to engage the throttle. If the throttle is in neutral, your boat won’t start.

Driving a Jet Boat

Before you start the engine, you want to run the exhaust fan. This will make sure that fumes aren’t built up.

It’s also important to drain the fuel tank. You can click┬áhere to learn more.

Then turn on the ignition. Make sure that all of your equipment is on board and your passengers are ready to go.

Take off all of the lines that are securing the ship to the dock. Move forward or backward by pushing the throttle handle up or down until you feel the boat shift into gear.

When your boat starts to move, spin your wheel just like you would a steering wheel in a car. A boat moves in the same direction as a car when you turn the wheel.

To reach the desired speed, push your throttle gently. Pull the throttle back slowly when you want to slow down.

Trimming a Jet Boat

As you get more comfortable with driving your jet boat, you’ll be able to start trimming. This is when you manipulate the outdrive’s angle to have a smoother driving experience.

The trim is different on each boat. So you’ll have to see how your vessel responds. The trim will determine how high the bow rises and how level the boat is.

Learn How To Drive a Jet Boat Today

Hopefully, after reading the above jet boat guide, you now have a better understanding of how to drive a jet boat. Driving a boat can be a fun but intimidating experience. By practicing and learning, you’ll have an easier time driving your new boat and enjoying the water.

And if you’re still not comfortable behind the nautical wheel, feel free to take lessons from a professional so that you get a better feel for how it all works!

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