How to Have the Ultimate Zorb Ball Experience

If you’ve ever thought that it would be fun to roll down the side of a hill in an oversized ball, then you’re in luck! With a zorb ball, you can experience this unique thrill firsthand. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your zorb ball experiences, from choosing the perfect model to knowing when and where it’s best to take it out for a spin!

Deciding if it’s right for you

If you’re looking for a new and exciting experience, or just want to have fun with your friends and family, then zorb balls are the perfect option. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, consider these factors: *Do I have any medical conditions that could make it unsafe? *Is there enough space in my home for this? *Am I claustrophobic? If so, should I do this with someone else or hire a professional company to come out and set up a zorbing experience on location?

Checking if your local facility offers rentals

Zorbing is an activity that’s not as easy to find as it may seem, but zorbing centers are popping up all over the place. They typically offer both adult and child-sized zorb balls, so feel free to bring your whole family along for a ride.

Zorbing is perfect for anyone who wants a fun and unique experience without having to plan or pay for anything in advance. You just show up at the facility and they’ll set you up with all of your safety gear, give you a few tips on how to get in and out of the ball, then let you go have a blast!

Buying your own

Zorbing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes. However, you will need to purchase your own zorb ball in order to participate. This can be done through an online store such as Kameymall. You’ll then want to purchase some zorbing clothing, which will usually come with the zorb ball. If you’re looking for more than one person to have a go at it, you’ll also need some extra balls.

Zorbing is one of those things that’s even funnier when shared with friends, so consider inviting over a few pals before going out and buying everything you need on your own.

Important Safety Tips to Follow

Since zorb balls can be really fun, it’s important to make sure you’re using them in a safe environment. Here are some safety tips that should be followed: 

– Check for any holes or rips in the ball before use. If there is a hole, do not use the ball. 

– Use in an open area with ample space (at least 25 feet) on all sides of you and at least 5 feet below you. 

– Always wear closed toe shoes, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads. 

– Have another person nearby that can help if need be.

The Full Experience List

  1. Find a safe open space.
  2. Lay out your zorb ball and inflate it with a pump (or use a bicycle pump if you don’t have one). 
  3. Place your feet on either side of the ball, making sure that you’re on top of it, but not inside of it. 
  4. Wait for someone else to jump inside so that they are sitting at your feet, or get two people to go in together at once so that they can hold onto each other’s hands when they jump in and stay together while they roll around in the ball! 
  5. When you want out, just sit down and crawl towards an edge while still holding onto one of your friends’ hands!

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Final Thoughts

A zorb ball is one of the most exciting, adrenaline-producing activities we have come across. If you are looking for an activity that will get your heart racing and scare you half to death all at once, this is it! From our experience, a zorbing experience does not have to be expensive or time consuming, but it can be if you want it to be. There are many different ways that you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind activity. We recommend trying out zorbing with friends, in a forested area, or with a professional who can help make sure everything goes smoothly.