How To Make Camping More Comfortable When Off-Roading

Whether it’s a solo adventure or a family outing, an off-road excursion and camp-out is a combo that’s hard to beat. Spending a few days and nights getting in touch with the natural world can change your whole outlook. Off-road camping can satisfy the urge to “recharge,” but you don’t need to give up some of the more basic comforts. Don’t underestimate the importance of your rig’s tires and sleeping accommodations.

Rim & Tire Check

An essential part of your off-road camp-out involves traveling there and back. Getting stuck on unexpectedly rough terrain is an almost certain way to add an unwelcome dose of discomfort to your trip. Your tire size can play a vital role in avoiding situations where you may need to spend hours getting unstuck. Many avid off-roaders prefer to tackle challenging unmarked trails with nothing less than 37 inch tires.

Before you start your off-road journey, check your tires for tread wear and inspect your rims for cracks and excessive corrosion. Tires and rims can have a major impact on how your vehicle handles particularly demanding off-road surfaces. Your off-road adventure could require climbing over rocks and maintaining traction on loose or muddy ground.

Ride quality will also be affected by your tires. Steering response and handling are other factors to consider when choosing the best rubber for your intended use. If you’re not certain what tires and rims best meet your needs and expectations, ask a reputable after-sale parts dealer for knowledgeable and vehicle-specific advice.

Sleeping Accommodations

Sleeping on the ground could be considered “roughing it,” but you’ll be more comfortable knowing your sleep won’t be interrupted by unexpected precipitation or curious animal visitors. Outfitting your vehicle with a roof top tent covers both issues. A surprisingly roomy roof tent can make a significant contribution to your comfort when camping out. Major manufacturers, such as Smittybilt, ARB 4×4 and CVT Tent provide a wide selection of sizes and construction styles to choose from.

The five-star rated Smittybilt Overlander model, for example, comes with a high-density foam mattress, an LED interior light and insect screens. It can accommodate two or three sleepers with a 661-pound load capacity. The Overlander is fully waterproof and can fold out from a vehicle roof top in less than a minute in an easy one-person operation.

The wide range of sizes and available features make it possible for you to find the model that best fits your plans and budget. One of the advantages of a roof top tent is the ability to set up camp anywhere you can park your vehicle. Ground conditions are no longer a factor; there’s no need to hunt for a suitable place to pitch a ground tent in rough terrain.

Overcoming Off-Road Hurdles

Knowing you’re prepared to overcome the unexpected hurdles that may accompany off-road trailblazing adds to your comfort level. Your vehicle’s suspension system can play an important role in how your journey unfolds. A high-performance system lessens the chance that riding over a large rock or log will harm your undercarriage. Upgrading to a set of premium shock absorbers, such as the King Coilovers Performance Series, can make a difference in both your ride and your peace of mind.