There are a lot of various things to do with PDF files. Now it’s one of the main document types, which is always using by different people worldwide. My mates always tell me that their daily office work is always connected with documents, especially PDF.

This format is very suitable for everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you decide to provide. You may make some presentations or just keep the long document with a lot of pages in it. Graphics are also included for any kind of documents, which are could be useful not only for clerks, but for cooks and artists.

Sounds amazing because unification for everything is much better that making straight format for all occupations.

What stuff could we use to work with PDF documents in 2021? Ten years ago we just had only PC MAC and Windows software. It wasn’t suitable at all because people always faced a lot of difficulties in working with PDF files. For example, the functionality of each service was different. You couldn’t find out the same programs as well as the chose the best one long time ago.

However, all things were completely changed now. We also could face some problems with PDF files in 2021, but mostly all services work good and also have the same functionality (but not at all again).

The main problem of working with PDF files is connected currently with following services: Merge PDF file, PDF OCR, Unlock PDF, Repair damaged PDF file, Image extraction from original document. Not all services could provide following PDF assistance, but we can see that the list of these stuff also increased a lot through the years.

Now we are interested in merging PDF file. As an example we will take a famous online PDF service – I took this one because it’s well-known for me and my office colleagues. We use it particularly every day and also recommend to try this service and find all advantages of having the most suitable and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it has a really good design and looks fresh and unique.

As I know, this problem is frequent for major part of online PDF services. So, how to merge PDF file easily? It is very simple! Go to website main page and find the direct point in main menu. Open the required page and follow the next instructions:

Step 1: Upload your file to this service.

Step 2: Add more files. Adjust page ranges in each file if it’s necessary.

Step 3: Click “Merge PDF pages” button and then just download completed PDF file on your device.

Now you see that it just works. It’s more simple than set up different PC software and waste a lot of time on file management at your computer.

This online service also has another advantages in comparison with tabletop analogues:

Quality assurance

Test and see for yourself! To ensure best quality of PDF conversion — the best solution provider on the market.

Access from anywhere

Our PDF converter can be used wherever there is Internet access. The conversion process takes place in the cloud and does not consume the resources of your device.

Perfect security

Your downloaded files will be deleted immediately after conversion, and converted files will be deleted after 24 hours. All files are protected from access by third parties, no one except you can access them. So, you don’t have to worry about anything at all!


I really like all features represented at this service, but I just forgot to mention the main one! I want to say much appreciated to team for negotiate the quickest PDF file conversion!

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