How to Tighten Loose Vagina Walls without Pain?

Walls of vagina can become dry and loose overtime due to several physical changes that a woman’s body goes through. It is quite a common phenomenon that many women face. Overtime, vaginal walls can loosen up due to multiple vaginal childbirths, aging and hormonal changes.

Loose vagina not only causes discomforts but also creates stress, embarrassment and has negative effects on the intimate relation of the female with her partner. But it is not a permanent problem and vaginal elasticity can be restored through lifestyle changes and medical intervention. Thankfully, the medically safe and pain free way to say goodbye to the problem of loose and dry vagina is now easily available.

Women who want to restore the youthfulness and elasticity of the vaginal tissues can get this done in a seamless manner through CO2 laser vaginal tightening procedure also known as vaginoplasty.The LASER vaginal tightening procedure is an advanced method that makes the vaginal tissues regain their elastic nature in a painless, safe and complication-free way.

What you need to know about laser vaginal tightening procedure

The first step in the laser vaginal tightening procedure is a pelvic exam conducted by the gynecologist. After the pelvic exam, the doctor inserts a fractional CO2 laser probe into the vagina. The laser probe is inserted around 4-6 cm inside the vagina and directs a laser beam that penetrates around 0.5 mm into the walls of the vagina. The laser beam enhances the stimulation of the proteins in the region and this restores the tightness of the vaginal tissues.

There is only a little tingling sensation felt by the patient and no major pain. The laser treatment is 100% safe and there is no risk of complications after the procedure. The best part about the laser vaginal tightening procedure is that the session takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and the woman can return home on the same day. The recovery is also much faster as compared to the conventional procedures for vaginal tightening.

Top 5 benefits of laser vaginal tightening

  1. Increased self confidence- The vaginal tightening procedure boosts the women’s self confidence as they do not need to worry about being judged anymore. The procedure reduces the insecurity women have about their bodies and enhances their happiness with their sexual life.
  2. No vaginal dryness and recurring infections- A dry vagina is more prone to bacteria and fungal infections that can keep on recurring if vaginal dryness persists. The laser procedure stimulates enhanced blood circulation to the vaginal muscles, thus it solves the problem of vaginal dryness also.
  3. Enhanced orgasms- Intercourse with a tight vagina is more pleasurable for both the woman and her partner. Tightness of the vagina enables just the right force of friction for intercourse and enhances the feeling of orgasms.
  4. Prevents urinary incontinence-  As a woman becomes older, the risk of urinary problems like frequent leakage increases due to weakening of muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. Vaginal tightening procedure also acts as a preventive as well as treatment procedure for urinary problems like incontinence.
  5. Lesser pain during sex-Loose, thin and dry vaginal walls can be a major cause for painful intercourse. Vaginal tightening procedure comes to the rescue in these cases and reduces the painful sexual encounters.

Note: For maximum effectiveness, it is advised to undergo 4-5 sessions of the laser vaginal treatment. Each of these sessions should be spaced 3-4 weeks apart for best results.

For best results after laser vaginal tightening-

  • Avoid having sexual intercourse too soon after the procedure
  • Refrain from using chemical or harsh intimate cleansers
  • Avoid douching and hot water baths immediately after the laser treatment

You should consult your gynecologist for proper instructions regarding the above-mentioned things.

Where can you get laser vaginal tightening in Delhi?

There are various healthcare providers in Delhi that offer vaginal tightening procedures. One of the most reliable names for gynecological treatments including laser vaginal tightening in Delhi is Pristyn Care. Their certified gynecologists only use USFDA approved laser technique for vaginal tightening that is non-invasive in nature; painless without the use of anesthesia. They have clinics at several major locations of Delhi, visit the website to book appointments with one of the best gynecologists.

Take Away

Vaginal problems are as common and normal like any other health issue. Hence, you should not suffer in silence and consult with a gynecologist if you are facing the discomforts of loose vagina. Also, make sure that you have all your queries answered by the doctor before undergoing vaginal tightening. This way you will save yourself from a lot of stress and feel confident about the procedure.

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