If You Want to Lose Body Fat, Here is a Guide!

In recent days, it is a fact that most people are struggling to lose their body fat. To get rid of those excessive fats, you can try fat freezing.

This technique has gained popularity in recent years. Most clinics are introducing this treatment to shed those extra pounds you have gained.

Keep in mind that having a fat loss treatment won’t help you solve any problems with your nutrition.

Also, experts suggest that you can see better results if you get more treatment. However, it can greatly help in reducing the appearance of extra fat.

So, here is a guide  to know more about it.

What is Fat Freezing and How Does it Work?

Fat freezing is a procedure that is performed properly and safely by a clinical expert.

Nevertheless, just like any other cosmetic procedure, results can differ from one person to another. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks or even months before you will notice the difference.

According to Jeannel Astarita, an expert in CoolSculpting, through this procedure, you could achieve a slight fat reduction, resulting in less bulging in the specific area and a slight improvement in the waistline.

Also known as cryogenic lipolysis, it can freeze your fat cells for a certain period. It is a non-surgical procedure that can be used as an alternative to liposuction. This procedure was developed after doing some research on frostbite.

As a result, fat cells could be frozen before the skin freezes, so as to encourage the process called apoptosis.

By this, your body will undergo the natural process of removing unwanted fat cells. This treatment can help in speeding up the process. Once the fat cells are frozen, they will die.

These dead fat cells will be disposed of by the body naturally over a short period in a less painful way.

Does It Help in Losing a Lot of Weight?

Since fat weighs lighter than muscle, this technique will not be able to help you in losing a lot of weight.

However, according to Jeannel, although it won’t add up more weight, it can only help eliminate those bulges on your waist or chest, and this is what counts! But keep in mind that you also need to watch over your weight by practicing a healthy diet and doing some exercises.

Since this procedure is performed by a professional, you can choose the target you want to reduce fat, such as the arms, thighs or tummy.

If you want to obtain effective results from this procedure, you will be required to sit for at least two hours while the cooling paddles crystallise your fat cells.

Where Should You Get It Done?

The procedure will last for at least half an hour, and the results can last for about three months. Some clinics that are offering this procedure claim that it is perfect for eliminating unneeded lockdown weight gain.

Who Are the Celebrities That Tried It?

There are a lot of celebrities that are taking advantage of this procedure. For instance, Khloe Kardashian confessed that she had undergone this procedure.

In addition, Gemma Collins also revealed to her Instagram followers that she was having the treatment.

Other celebrities who have undergone this treatment include Ferne McCann and Antony Costa.

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