Jewelry for Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists

In the world of hip-hop, bigger is always better. Whether it’s their larger than life stage presence, their music, or their personalities – hip-hop artists like to make a statement everywhere they go. Particularly with embellishments or hip hop jewelry.

During the late ’80s, artists such as Slick Rick and Run DMC dominated the hip-hop music scene and eventually dominated music charts. Their rise from humble origins to some of the biggest names in music was often seen by their heavily iced out statement pieces, watches, rings, and grills.

Hip-hop jewelry has now become synonymous with the genre of music. This is why most up and coming artists are looking towards getting some ice of their own. Here are a few suggestions:


Grills (often stylized as Grillz) because popular in the late 1990s, with hip-hop artists wanting to go all out. Jewelry has always been seen as a status symbol, but hip-hop jewelry, in particular, was a symbol of success from humble beginnings.

Grills are embellished mouthpieces made out of genuine gold, platinum, or plated metals that fit onto your teeth and can be easily removed. Today, music artists outside of the hip-hop genre are flaunting their million-dollar smiles (quite literally) as well.

Name Pendants, Symbol Pendants, Religious Pendants

For any up and coming hip-hop artist, embellishing themselves is necessary. Not only to show the crowds that they achieved success but also because icing oneself out has become synonymous with the music genre.

Pendants are stand-out pieces, and several artists have memorialized their pendants with their own music style. For example, Biggie’s Jesus pendant, or Pharell’s pendant worth $100,000,000.

The easiest yet the flashiest thing jewelry an up and coming hip-hop artist can go with would be a pendant. They often symbolize something for the artists themselves, their brands, their images, or their religions.

Iced Out Chains

Perhaps the very first piece of jewelry that made an appearance in the hip-hop music scene was the humble chain. Although in this case, it was far from modest. In the late ’80s, you would undoubtedly have seen artists, their fans, and up and coming artists adorning solid gold chains around their necks.

In recent times, there have been additions to the chain family with sterling silver and platinum chains. As well as chains encrusted with diamonds. For an up and coming hip-hop artist who can’t afford these chains, they can still adorn plated jewelry with gemstones.


When all’s said and done, the most impact any piece of bling can bring is through what’s on your wrist. Gold encrusted watches with heavy diamonds have been adorned by hip-hop artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake sitting corner side at NBA games.


In conclusion, hip-hop music is synonymous with hip-hop jewelry. It makes sense for up and coming artists to want to adorn themselves with statement pieces to make their presence known or to symbolize their growth in the industry. High fashion is everything.

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