KBC Lucky Draw winners List 2021

Dear users, today, we announce the winner of the KBC 2021 Lottery with the simplest presentation options. You do not need to register now to be part of the KBC 2021 lottery. KBC is now in a special way as we connect with all SIM network companies. By 2021, your SIM cards are already registered with KBC Lucky Draw. All you need to do is make a simple call to KBC’s head office number 0019188444474.

Now KBC customers can visit our website and see the list of winners. Grab the prize winners and restart their offense and get the pending prize. Our website is the only way to do this. Our official KBC website can help you with all aspects of life regarding the KBC 2021 raffle.

We will upgrade you to a new KBC Jio lottery number and you can check it in our database once you call. So, contact us, you are only one step away from becoming a millionaire in one day. Call us to get your lottery number and call us right away to participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2021.

List of KBC lucky draw

  1. Nazeer Shah ——-50,00,000
  2. Abbeer Sharma—– 50,00,000
  3. Shah G Raheem —–50,00,000
  4. Mona Singh—– 50,00,000
  5. Namirta Gupta ——50,00,000
  6. Bawa Lum——- 50,00,000
  7. Rahul Tewari——-50,00,000

How do we enter the KBC All India Sim Sim Lucky Lucky Draw 2021?

As of today, KBC has made it easier for you to take part in KBC Lucky Draw 2021. To get started, you will need to take a few steps. If you fill out your SIM card, your mobile phone will automatically be updated in our database and you will be registered as a Kaun Banega Crorepati participant). There are two opportunities for you to become a member each month a millionaire. Customer service will help CBC Lottery provide useful information about winning in the year 2021.

Every month, the KBC All India SIM Card Lucky Draw 2021 will take place on the 1st and 15th. Now you can take classes twice a month. Make your SIM card stronger to increase your chances of winning. We would like to remind all customers to be cautious if a call comes in asking for KBC Lucky 2021 and asking for money in your account. The call needs to be re-verified to ensure it is not a false alarm. If you receive a call from a particular place, you can easily check it.

Do you know how to check KBC lottery numbers?

In 2021, the KBC lotteries winner will make some changes. Our systems are undergoing new changes right now. Award winners can confirm expected or unseen 2021 awards. A lottery number that guarantees a spot and a discount can now be purchased by customers. Official smart systems can be used to compare the lottery numbers provided by customers. By calling our strategic phone numbers, you can achieve your desired goals. Feel free to contact me on Whatsapp 0019188444474.

The main procedure to get KBC Lucky Draw

Customers of our KBC may verify their names in our lucky people list. Our official website allows customers to check their lotto results. We offer the assistance of our leading or relevant WhatsApp numbers 0019188444474 to customers unfamiliar with real lottery numbers. Please find our contact information here for the benefit of customers who have been disappointed. Contact us for registration. All Sim cards will compete for 15 days.

If the customer has more than one mobile number, then he is more likely to be a KBC lottery winner. In the current month, customers are not eligible for a lottery. The upcoming month maybe his month. Hold on to hope and keep fighting. Continue to visit our official website and keep an eye out for our lottery lists. The recent winners’ list may have you on it. Watch out for Jio’s KBC winner list.

Lottery tickets can only be obtained via our helpline number at home. We assist the customers through our headquarters contact. Details about how to contact us can be found on our website. Your lottery results can be viewed online. If you need online confirmation, please call our KBC Head Office number, which is available 24 hours a day.

Mobile Numbers & WhatsApp Frauds about KBC Lottery Winners

Our company provides the innocent and victimized with heart-touching information now. These insects are merciless. The presence of these parasites is the major cause of poverty and pennilessness. Our sacred beneficial company is being defiled by these cheaters who call on WhatsApp or use Facebook Messenger to send SMSs. A crippled or confused person does not pity these cheaters. You can contact our 24-hour KBC head office staff for lottery or information on our guiding and helping line. At the moment we are performing our good and helping with the KBC lottery.

Nowadays you receive a large number of KBC lottery winner fraud calls. The importance of knowing about this scam cannot be overstated. When this happens, you should contact the KBC Headquarters as soon as possible. www.kbcjiolotterywinner.in

KBC All India SIM Card WhatsApp How to Get Lucky Win 2021

The hero of the game is Mr.Amitab, the owner of the game. Their happiness at seeing so many people is contagious. It is also the heartfelt desire of the people to see Big B live. In addition, you can contact them only through KBC Headquarters and register yourself as the winner of the KBC Lucky Draw. You can also find information about the KBC Lucky Draw team.

Big is the title of KBC’s Lucky Drama. A because he is honored as a guest. This successful conversation is also available on SIM cards, so everyone can take part. Furthermore, you must charge your SIM card daily if you want to win the KBC lottery.

Everyone wants to win the KBC Lottery 25 regardless of whether or not they are registered with KBC. The head office numbers of Crore Pati are not required to be confirmed by Kaun Banega. Many people want to ruin this game’s appearance. Recently, however, the show has received little attention. People in this country should be on guard against temporary deceivers like these. It is possible to prevent this fraud by working with KBC.

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