Lockdown Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day coming soon, we should think of amazing ways to make this day special for the second time, celebrating the second Father’s Day during the lockdown. As we all know that COVID-19 is getting worse day by day, and to stay safe and keep our friends and family safe, we ​​must live in self-isolation. So, this time you may not get a chance to plan a picnic or go out with your father, but we have lots of ideas that can help you celebrate Father’s Day during the CoronaVirus pandemic. These ideas will make your father happiest on Father’s Day. Here’s a list of lockdown gift ideas for fathers day!

Breakfast in bed

One of the best things we like to do as a family on weekends and special occasions is to go out for breakfast, which is not possible in lockdown. Don’t let this Father’s Day stop you from celebrating special occasions. Surprise your dad with a special breakfast served in bed instead!

Customized caricature

Every dad is a superhero who carries out his duty with utmost dedication without any expectation. So why not give special caricatures to your superhero dad on this Father’s Day. A personalised caricature will make him smile even during lockdown time.

Dedicate a song

Expressing your love and heartfelt wishes with melodious songs is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day without stepping out during lockdown situations. A professional singer will arrange a WhatsApp video conference call and sing your dad’s favourite songs. This musical surprise is sure to make his day special, and he will love your gift, trust us.

Workout Equipment at Home

Due to the lockdown in the house, everyone’s routine has been disturbed, and we are all making new routines. Getting workout equipment can provide additional motivation for your dad and maintain an active lifestyle without leaving home. If you have space, splurge on a rowing machine or treadmill. Probably a paid membership to online classes or apps. There are many options for this; choose the best one for your father!

Bar Accessories

If your father likes to go with friends for drinks, then he would like to add some cool accessories to his bar section. Be it a customised coaster or a personalised beer mug, everything will make him happy, and he will definitely show it to his friends.

A handmade gift

You might not be able to get out, so how to try creative hands. Let us create something that is thoughtful and heart touching. Make a beautiful greeting card or photo collage of your father. You can also try online for personalised gifts such as photo mugs, beer mugs, photo cushions, photo stones, etc., for Father’s Day. These gifts are very sweet and heart touching that expresses your love for your father.

Greeting cards

Nothing can make your father happy than expressing your love to him with some thoughtful words. With a personal touch, a few heart-touching words will make your father’s day worth remembering. Even your father deserves words of affirmation, so make him realise how much he means to you. Display your feelings through this handicraft greeting card. This may be one of the best Fathers Day gift ideas in lockdown.

Photo frame

A customisable photo frame for your dad through an online portal, which can be a wooden or glass frame with quotes, messages, dates and pictures, can be a great choice. You can hang them on the wall and have large family frames. Similarly, you can also get a family tree frame.


Plants are subtle gifts, but they are truly the most heartwarming gift you can give to anyone. Almost everyone loves being surrounded by the freshness that plants give. It is like a caring gesture that you would show when giving your father a plant. If we suggest then go for an indoor juicy plant, they are a beautiful addition to the house and keep the air purified from time to time. Even a snake plant is a good option because it releases oxygen even at night. Do you think your father will appreciate it.

Music Box

A music box containing old-time songs is undoubtedly a good choice that should include his favourite songs. You can always create a playlist for them with songs from their generation and add them to his application to listen to songs online. Or you can buy products that come with playlists and options designed to play the music of your choice.


Cakes are important for any celebration and make the celebration more enjoyable. Order Father’s Day Cake for Dad and add extra flavour to the occasion. There are many cake designs for Father’s Day, and you can choose from a photo cake or some designer cake. If he is a vegetarian, make sure you order an eggless cake for him.

Happy gifting!

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