Motorcycle Safety Measures

Motorcycle Safety Measures

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but it is a loved past-time for many. The right action to reduce motorcycle accidents isn’t to take this fun away from people, but to implement better safety measures to keep motorcyclists safe. Here are some of the best things to have and do in order to prevent motorcycle accidents and enjoy riding safely for a long time.

The Increased Risk for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders have no protection between them and the road. While driving in this way feels free, it also leaves you much more vulnerable than the other vehicles taking part in traffic. Bikes are also smaller and more agile than cars, whose drivers can easily overlook them when they are accelerating, turning, or changing lanes.

Safety Measures for Motorcycle Riders

Since the potential of getting in an accident is so much higher for motorcycle riders, you need to take measures to lessen those risks and protect yourself in case an accident happens.


Technically, having insurance is not something that will protect you from accidents. But it will protect you in case of an accident. When you are part of an accident, it might get questioned whether you are liable. Either way, there is a possibility that you will have to take responsibility for what happened. In the best cases it is just minor damage like scratched car paint. Covering the repair can still be costly.

Next to an accident insurance, a good health insurance will help you in the case of an injury and a legal expense insurance can help you pay for lawyers when you are falsely accused of causing an accident.


Motorcycle safety gear is essential in protecting yourself in an emergency. Parts of it, like the motorcycle gloves, can even help you prevent them.

  • Motorcycle Gloves |Armored motorcycle gloves protect your hands from abrasions and cuts. They also shield your bones from impacts. The robust fabrics, plating and padding are necessary, because your hands are typically the first thing to touch the floor or other objects. They also help you control the bike with a tighter grip and lessen the numbing effect of the bike’s vibrations.
  • Motorcycle Helmet |The motorcycle helmet protects the most crucial body part, your brain. Broken bones and cuts will heal easier and are less likely to be fatal. The helmet should have a safety certification and be bought from an official vendor. They should be replaced after every impact or after 5 years of usage.
  • Motorcycle clothing |Motorcycle clothes are insulated to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Additionally, the outer layer is abrasion resistant and has padding covering the most vulnerable body parts like your knees and hips.


Additional to the regular driving lessons, there are courses and informative material, for example by the United States Department of Transportation, that teach you about motorcycle crash prevention. The more used you are to handling your bike, even in rough situations, and the more informed you are about the specific dangers to bikers and how to avoid them, the better.

The most common accidents for motorcycle riders are caused by

  • left-turning cars
  • lane switching or splitting
  • intoxication
  • high-speed and
  • corner-turning.

Crash prevention courses will teach you the best reactions to any of these dangerous situations. The number one most fatal accident to motorcycle riders is a head-on collision with a car. The aforementioned courses teach tactics like The Four Rs to avoid these accidents:

  • Read the road |Always scan the road ahead and observe potential hazards.
  • Drive to the right |Always keeping to the outside of the right-most lane keeps you safest from accidental lane changes and collisions.
  • Reduce your speed| If you notice hazards ahead, reduce your speed. 10 to 20 mph less can make the difference between an injury and death.
  • Ride off the road |Riding just off the road is an extension to the riding right rule. It leaves you in a safer position in regard to nearby cars and makes you speed down automatically.


Motorcycle riders should enjoy their hobby freely. But they need to be aware of the dangers that come with driving a bike. Protecting your body and your finances will help you in case of an accident. At the same time, take the advantage of learning about the most dangerous situations for motorcycle drivers. Many crash prevention courses will teach you the theory and let you experience tricky situations in a safe environment, so you will know how to react in an emergency.


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