Must Have Draft Equipment for Your Bar or Restaurant

Are you planning on opening a new bar or restaurant? Before you open your doors to new customers, it is important to make sure that you have everything you need to turn your bar into a favorite recreation spot for many visitors.

Your key to success is to equip your place with all the necessary bar equipment: beer tower, keg taps, drip trays, etc.

Only by doing the best possible adjustment of your bar to the needs of consumers can you be sure that you provide good service to your clients. And it turns casual visitors into regular customers, helps to popularize your business and strengthen its reputation.

Stay tuned if you want to know which Draft Equipment you need to purchase for your bar.

What Equipment Do I Need in a Commercial Bar?

There is no universal equipment list that is suitable for every bar or restaurant. The choice of certain elements will depend on the features of your place.

However, we have prepared a list in which you are guaranteed to find something for yourself:

  • Cocktail and bar equipment

If your establishment will serve cocktails, then you will definitely need glass utensils for mixing, pint glasses, as well as glasses for wine, whiskey, champagne, martinis and other drinks.

The amount of the glassware is selected based on the preferences of your intended clientele.

Also you will need a shelf/shelves for alcohol and the alcohol itself. It is also selected in accordance with the preferences your public has. The main alcoholic beverages are vodka, whiskey, wine, scotch, gin, tequila and rum. As a rule, the most expensive and exclusive drinks are put on the highest shelf.

In addition, your bar needs to buy juices, carbonated drinks and fruit side dishes for cocktails.

  • Beer equipment

Some bars offer their customers exclusively beer list. And this is not surprising, as beer is the favorite drink of many frequenters of bars, clubs and restaurants.

If you want to make beer dispensing as spectacular as possible, you should definitely buy a beer tower. This is one of the main elements of the beer dispensing system. It is attached to the barrel by means of a beer line and a shank.

The beer tower with the tap is the only visible part of the entire beer system, that’s why many bar owners are eager to make it stylish and unique.

TOP-10 popular beer tower types:

  1. Ceramic;
  2. Cylindrical;
  3. Wall mounted;
  4. Elbow;
  5. Indy or European style towers;
  6. Double;
  7. T-Box;
  8. T or Y towers;
  9. Ice towers;
  10. Pass thru towers.

The most popular materials for the production of such beer equipment are stainless steel, brass or chrome.

You also need to provide a special cooling system. At the moment, the most popular option is a beer tower with glycol cooling. The second most popular is the air-cooled beer tower.

In addition to the beer tower, your pub will also need the following beer equipment:

  • Trays

There are wall-mounted, with clamps, trays that are installed on the countertop, on the platform, drip trays, etc.

  • Keg taps

It’s a special system that opens up the keg and pushes the beer out into the beer tower and into your customers’ glasses.

Depending on the type of valve for the keg, there are different types of taps.

  • Beer dispensers

They are also called kegerators. These are special refrigerators that are needed for storing and dispensing beer in kegs. Depending on your needs, they come in different shapes and sizes.

  • Bar refrigerators

Here you can store not only beer, but also other drinks that you will use to make cocktails.

For your convenience, different depth, type of finishing, and door opening system are available.

  • Other equipment

These include:

  • Ice machines

If you have a very long bar counter, it is better to buy 2 ice machines. They will be needed for making cocktails, cooling juices and other beverages.

  • Commercial Glass Washing Machines

Allow you to quickly disinfect and clean glasses so you can provide your customers with even better service.

  • Sinks under the bar counter

This is the simplest equipment designed to allow the bartender to wash his hands, glasses and beer cups. Do not choose too small sink, otherwise it may not fit the above mentioned glassware.

Invest in quality equipment that meets your expectations and budget!

How to Choose the Best Manufacturer of Commercial Equipment for a Bar?

Choosing the best equipment manufacturer for your restaurant or bar greatly increases your chances of success.

To find a reliable company offering modern equipment for the bar or restaurant, pay attention to:

  • The range of the brand you are interested in

The bigger the better. From this point directly depends on whether you can choose the right products that will best suit your needs.

  • Price policy

For many buyers, the key point in choosing a bar equipment is its price. Ideally, find a company that provides different models for any budget.

  • Service

Assess how satisfied you are with your collaboration: whether the brand consultants were able to answer your questions and choose the best option for you.

To keep you from spending a lot of time searching, we recommend you pay attention to the range of popular Canadian company Beverage Craft. In 2020, the company launched its own branding of beer equipment and is ready to offer buyers all the essentials for their restaurant or bar: beer tower, kegerators, glycol cooler, barrels and all the details to them.

The experienced consultants will help you make the right choice and invest in the technology that will make your business even more prosperous.