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rage plugin hook

Rage Plugin Hook

Because the name recommends, Rage Plugin Hook attaches into, and acts as an interface among custom code and games based on rage engines like Grand Theft Auto V.


But before getting into it, you may wonder what a plugin is.So here is a brief guide to plugin.


Basically, it is a software also known as add-on which is installed on a program to boost its abilities.Let me explain this to you. Suppose you want to watch a video on a website.For this purpose, the browser must have a plugin to do so otherwise the video would not be played.Because,it is necessary for the browser.


About the Rage Plugin Hook

The Rage plugin hook is developed by MulleDK19 and LMS.It can be use for games like GTA V and this plugin supports all PC platforms for example Rockstar game launcher and Steam.


Supported Languages for rage plugin

Because it is a CLI Library therefore any CLI compliant language can be use to create plugins.For example 


Types of Plugins 

With rage plugin hook, you can create plugins that are able to execute functions like spawning characters,animals in the game.And, it also allows you play voice lines.


Use in Online mode

Unfortunately, the online servers  can detect these kind of modes thus you cannot use rage plugin hook in online modes.If you use it, servers will block you quickly.But Don’t worry because if you want to use this plugin you can use it in the offline mode.


Requirements for the Rage plugin

Original Copy of the game

Windows Operating system 

  • Windows 7 ,8,8.1 and 10

Microsoft Framework v4.6

Visual C++

Visual Studio 2012


Note: I do not own this plugin or any part of this plugin. All Credit goes to the developer.You can visit the developer website here.Also, this plugin is not endorsed with rockstar games. Use it at your own risk.But, it is fully working and legal to use.


Download for GTA V File Size: 9.69MB


Download for Red Redemption 2 File Size: 3.78MB


If you have any problem related to this, you can contact me here.

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