Sign Documents and Request Electronic Signatures 

The ability to sign a PDF is an integral part of the document format as it is so widely used and shared. Many important documents are stored in PDF format because it makes it easier to share and view across many different platforms. PDFs also offer a high level of security as they can be password-encrypted and often take e-signatures to be authenticated or approved depending on their particular purpose. Adding an electronic signature to a document is much different than adding a digital signature, which is different and is something that will be addressed in the article.

What Is an Electronic Signature? 

An electronic signature is a way for users to attach some kind of authorization or confirmation to a document without having to write it or print a copy. However, an electronic signature is different from a digital signature, which uses a series of specially created keys and numbers to craft a unique digital-read-only signature.

An electronic signature can take various forms from a scanned copy of a real signature, a series of initials, or a newly-created signature written with a stylus or electronic writing tool. Users can also type a signature with many different types of fonts and can change the width, color, and style of any text.

Why Should You Use an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a convenient way for people to sign, confirm, authorize or authenticate different transactions that occur over the PDF format. An e-signature lets people sign and instantly share any type of document that requires a signature, without having to print a copy or have the person be present to write their signature.

Using an electronic signature is safe and secure and makes it easier for documents to be shared and viewed, as well as getting projects confirmed and funds or resources allocated. Signatures added electronically to sign a PDF are accepted by several bodies from legal and governmental entities to businesses and private firms.

How Do You Electronically Sign a Document?

The process of adding an electronic signature to a PDF is not a complicated one and it is one of the easiest PDF editing features. The process may differ among different tools and software, but it is essentially the same steps to follow including uploading and opening the document, finding the right signature, and adding it.

Affixing a signature with any type of PDF editor requires that a signature is on file, either in the form of a scanned image, photo, or drawing with a stylus or fingertip. Many PDF editors also have the option of letting users attach initials instead of a full signature, which makes the process that much faster.

How Do You Electronically Sign a PDF Document?

Signing a PDF electronically takes only a few simple steps that are easily achieved using any third-party editing program. A program like Lumin PDF offers many different ways for users to attach an electronic signature to a PDF document.

Using the Signature icon on the browser’s menu item, you can select from several different options like uploading a scanned image, creating a new signature, or typing one. Whatever option you choose, the signature can automatically be saved to be used later or you can create a new way to sign the document using the options available like the pencil or marker. You can adjust the width and breadth of the stylus and add different colors if you want as well.