Skills Tutor Must Have

Teaching is not an easy task. Teaching is such a responsibility where tutors have to fulfil their duties of decorating and creating a bright future for kids. Therefore, they can’t be lazy in fulfilling their duties. tutors are those mentors who not only help the students but also teach them how to create their life and career out of their knowledge and information. Whenever students need guidance tutors always stand there to help their students in all their queries and as it is said that with great powers there comes great responsibilities in the same way this position of tutor is full of responsibilities.  It completely depends on tutors how to teach the students in such a way that he or she should be successful instead of a depressed child. Often success and failure of the child clarifies the efforts of the tutor towards students because a good tutor never makes a topper his target instead, he or she makes the weakest child of the class as target and makes him the topper of the school and college. Today teaching has reached an advanced level. Teachers are delivering their teachings online and students are also enjoying it being supported with innovative tools like LMS portals. LMS portals make teaching and learning online safe and easy. But it doesn’t matter how much technology has taken over teaching, a tutor is always needed and the tutor must be well qualified and experienced in training then only educational institutions give chances to them to teach.

During the selection procedure for the selection of a good tutor candidates can highlight their tutoring specialities and can win the hearts of employers or HR. Let’s understand those skills which ought to be in a tutor for being selected as a teacher in a reputed educational institution. The very first skill that a tutor must have is patience. This skill of remaining calm and full of respect is necessary for tutors. It is so because tutors are full of knowledge and students have no knowledge so they try their best to fetch more and more knowledge from the tutors during which they sometimes cross their line of discipline, sometimes they ask too many questions and sometimes they never respect the efforts of the tutors but they are inexperienced and still are under learning age therefore tutor need to remain calm and avoid these flaws of kids and should teach them knowledge and good behaviour. A tutor needs to be positive in nature and should be optimistic in order to teach and research new materials for the students. A tutor can make a difference only when he/she has a positive attitude and in the same way they inspire the students also by praising them and by appreciating their efforts instead of always criticizing them. ERP for school also takes this in concern that only a skilled tutor should be appointed for the students because ERP for school has responsibility to ensure the bright future of the students. 

Tutors need to understand that all the students want to be taught by the correct teacher but usually very few students reach a good tutor whereas the other few never get good guidance hence they remain weak students. Now a good tutor needs to be a good guide to such students being empathetic towards them. If a tutor won’t show empathy, then from whom students can expect such good behaviour in the name of education and knowledge. Empathy inspires the tutors to remain supportive to their students and always make efforts to teach them. Tutors need to be very conscious about the confidentiality of the students and their information for the safety of the students. They should never leak the names and information related to those names of the students under confidentiality. Tutors must exhibit active listening towards their pupils in order to make them comfortable to share their queries to them and provide them with correct solutions and answers. Tutors need to have brilliant communication with students so that students should enjoy his/her class and love to attend his/her session. Tutors also need to have problem solving skills in order to be always provided to students as an ocean of solutions because students always look up to their tutors first to solve any problem.