Smart Spatial strategies

Space is a luxury that is becoming rarer with time. Decorating a studio apartment or an apartment can be challenging as it needs to be functional a well as classy. Even when you want to shop for sofa sets, it Decorating smaller spaces requires a special skill set. Instead of compromising, you can build a home with awe-inspiring corners and smart hacks.

Let us look at some ideas that can help you upgrade your house from cool to super cool.

  • A chrome rack to hold all your washed dishes above your sink can save space. You don’t need a drying towel or a separate section for drying dishes!
  • When you are looking to buy a double bed, you can also look at pull-out sofas. They can be extremely space-saving as well as a smart choice for when you wish to entertain guests.
  • You can tuck your ottomans under the table and pull them out when you need extra seating. You can buy sets of center tables with matching ottomans as well.
  • Nesting tables are not only chic but can be used in a lot of places. Nesting island tables, nesting side tables, or even nesting center tables.
  • A very famous novel gave the idea of having a cupboard under the stairs. Well, you can also have drawers under the stairs. It can be great for storage and can save a lot of space.
  • Use the corners and oddly shaped nooks to turn them into something beautiful. Try using them to build bookcases or showcases.
  • Floor to ceiling shelves are great for a display case and can also provide a wall of privacy when you want to partition a room. They also look great around a staircase.
  • Mobile caddies are a blessing and can be used in a lot of ways. A trolley can be used as a laundry caddy or to store kitchen items well.
  • If you have a small gap between 2 walls or appliances and a wall and you think it cannot be used, you can think again. The small gap can be a perfect roll-out pantry and successfully provide sufficient space to store your kitchen items.
  • A foldaway table is a great idea for when you don’t want to occupy space permanently. It can be used as a study table and can be unfolded when required and then folded back up.
  • If you have doors that open not close to the wall, then you can easily install baskets or shelves on the door.
  • Cupboard baskets are very effective. These can be used in refrigerators as well. The best part is you can also remove it whenever you wish to.
  • Bathroom caddies with toilet roll holders on the bottom can look sophisticated and have enough space to hold your other accessories as well.
  • Asymmetrical shelves can look great in any part of the house. The higher part of the shelves can be used for decorative items whereas, the lower shelves can be used for storage.

Try these tips and tricks t create interesting living spaces!!

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