Everything you need to know about Succumate Game

Succumate is one of the most creative and yet simplest games that you can play. If you have not played this game, then you should start it right away since it is highly exciting in all senses. The scenes in this game are quite interesting and innovative that you will be compelled to play the game till the end.

In this game, you will only die if you lose vitality. If you lose hunger, then you will get slow. If you get cold, then the statistics which are in-game will be recovered more slowly. In this game, vitality cannot be lost if it is given to Lilim or any of the neighbors.

In this game, you have to get money by playing and using the guitar until and unless you are holding a concert for the animals out there. Different bursts will be received by the player if you use arrow keys. However, no additional money after the appearance of all the four animals. If you want to use the time wisely, then you should stop after the fourth animal appears.

You should also talk to Kagami between 5 pm and 10 pm. This is so that you can access the gym. You should upgrade your sleep. Vitality meters can be upgraded as well. You can restore sleep completely (i.e.100 percent) after the passage of six hours. Vitality has better rewards in all terms f you use more of it at once. Whether you use it for videos with neighbors or to comply with the energy requirements, the rewards for using vitality at once will be better. You can also sell videos to the black haired businessmen for substantial sums of money.

There are various characters in the game that you can enjoy playing with. There are main characters and then there are side characters. The three main characters are Kagami, Nanjou and Satou.

The characters in this game have an affection system and this affection system should be maxed. This is so that you can progress in the storyline. You can get one affection by coffee, five affections from crystal ball from the doctor, and three affections from gacha which you can get from the machine which is situated next to the convenience store. Try giving more items to the side characters if you are stuck with them.

Please note that the blonde teacher is not a side character.

Succumate Characters

There are a lot of characters in the game which makes the game interesting. Each character has its own style and role in the game that you can enjoy. Thus, if you want to understand and enjoy the game, then you should get to know the characters beforehand. It will help you to get to know the game better, help to achieve the completion of the game and overall, enjoy the game much more.

Following are some of the secondary characters that you should know about.

  1. Satou
  2. Kagami
  3. Yoshikawa
  4. Nanjou
  5. One shot characters


This is the convenience store clerk who has a gray brownish ponytail. She lives in the 201. She also wears a jacket while she is on the street. The affection counter of this secondary character appears to be bugged. The increment is 20 per event. This secondary character leaves the house every morning at 7 am. This is to go to work. Once she reaches 20 affection, the dialogue of this character will change. Once she reached 40 affection, she will start to fear the occurrence of earthquakes. She is a bit distinct from other characters since a specific trigger is required in addition to the 20 affection. From 8 pm to 5 am, every night, a message will be received in the text box which says that you feel you are being watched. During this time, you have to be with Lilim. Once you max out the affection, you can finish the story of this game.


This is basically the gym instructor and has red hair. She is homeless because she cannot even have a shirt for herself. The game publishers love this character since this character has been repeated many times. She runs in this game at a very particular time i.e. from 5 am to 6 am. She also runs at 10 pm. When the gyms are closed on Monday, this character may not show up. You should be wary of the timings of the characters to have a better idea about the game.


This is another character in the game Succumate. This is the teacher which is blonde. She lives in 2013. She wears white dress. There are no scenes of this character with the player. You need to communicate with her and her students as much as it is possible. This is because they do not require gifts. If you want some line, you can talk to her students at 5pm. At a different day, you can visit the window of the room 203 so that the questline can be completed.


This is the purple haired wife in 101. She has purple hair and wears a lady’s yellow shirt. If you want to begin her questline, you can talk to her at 7 am. Make sure that you do not purchase any of her items. Just give the gifts as normal. Once the third set of affection is reached, you will come across  a scene outside of the window. This will be during 11 am and 1 pm. The character will request you to follow the husband. You will also see at the trash can. This will be around 3 am. Make sure that you max out the affection. If you do so, the same scene can be seen outside the window. This will be during 11 am and 1 pm. You can see her husband with a woman who has curly and blonde hair. This woman will not appear again and has no scenes in the game.

One shot characters

There are various characters in the game that only have one scene. Here are the requirements and the location.

The businessman neighbor is a guy which wanders a lot. You can get to meet this guy by knocking on the door before 5 am and after midnight. Home videos can be made with most of the neighbors. However, this is not to be done with Lilim. The videos can thereafter be sold to the businessman after you knock on the door. However, make sure this is done before the appearance of the Radio guy in the morning. If you catch him in the town, he will give you a camera. Along with the camera, he will also provide you with 3 sets of the film. This will get you a lot of money in the game.

You will come across a set of siblings in the convenience store. You will note that these characters are no interacting with the main character. The siblings will have different shifts during the day. You can easily find them behind the convenience store. You can also encounter them on the street.

You will also come across a young couple. It will appear in the wooded thicket. This is to the left of your apartment. The times will be different. However, it is for sure that the young couple will appear.

Fidget spinner is one of the characters that a lot of people want to meet. You can find him in the front of the café. Whatever that has been outputted in vitality to Lilim, this fidget spinner will double it. This can he really helpful in the early stage of the game.

The radio exercise guy is another character that you can find. He is depressed. This is because of the fact that no one wants to dance with him. In this regard, you can ask different people to join in at 5 am. You can also ask Kagami. However, the game is such that she will refuse.

Affair partner is an interesting character which will appear during the questline of Nanjou’s husband. Anyways, there are no additional scenes of this character.

Gachas is a character that you will get to meet at the right of the convenience store, left to the doctor. All the gachas are wanted by him in sequence. You will see that this character will also reappear in Summer Memories and Spoiled Child. You should purchase all the items till you get the entire set. Thereafter, you can give the same to him. Another ability for Lilim will be given. In the end, you will get massive stacks of duplicates. The duplicate gachas can be gifted for the purposes of getting affection points and then the quest can be finished.

How to Play Succumate Game?

The main quest line of this game, and in simple words, how to play this game will be governed by this section. The main play line of the game is that you have to purchase vitality medicine. If you fail into investigation questions, then you will lose a certain sum of money.

If you want to get ending 1, then all you have to do is ignore Hoori. This is the blonde friend of Lilim. This will be during Chapter No. 4. You should proceed with Chapter No. 5. In this chapter, you should investigate rather than choosing ambushing murderer. All the shaded outline character should be communicated with. You should also work at least once at the restaurant. The book on succubi shall be read as well.

If you want to help yourself later, talk to the beggar. If the beggar does not appear, then you can reload a save. This chapter can be done later then. For a true ending, you can talk to him.

If you want ending 2, then all you have to do is just talk to Hoori during chapter No. 4.

You will come across a cinematic in Chapter No. 5. In this chapter, you will say that ambush the criminal rather than saying investigate the crime. As a result of you saying this, Lilim will kill you. This is not a real ending.

The true ending of this game is not very happy honestly. Once you have finished the game, and after talking to the beggar in the midnight, exit to the main menu. You will then enter a recollection mode. You will find a blue guy. A blue outlined guy. Make sure it is not the guy in the black suit. Make sure you talk to him and then load a save. Once you talk to the beggar in the midnight, this will be done in the gym, along with a vitality medicine, the game will be fully complete.

Where Can you Purchase the Succumate Game from?

There are various platforms where you can purchase this game from. The gaming industry has progressed in multiple ways. The ways in which games can be purchased now are different. Gone are the days when only CDs and DVDs were the mode of purchasing games.

Succumate game does follow the conventional way of game purchase. You can purchase its CD from the dedicated shops that you can find in the market. However, this game is also featured on Steam. Therefore, you can make the purchase of this game from Steam.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about this game. Succumate game is one of the best games that you can play right now. It combines different elements of excitement. Thus, if you want to be more interested in the game, then make sure that you go through the different things that are mentioned in this article.

From knowing the game play, to understanding the different characters, above is all that is relevant in relation to the game. However, once you start playing the game, you will come across various elements which will evoke better interest. In any case, make sure you properly go through this guide for a better understanding.

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