Sustainable Fashion Has Become The Trend Par Excellence

The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world, after the oil industry. For this reason, betting on sustainable fashion is synonymous with succeeding this spring. There is nothing better than respecting nature to dress and feel good.

The environmental impact has a strong relationship with fashion. Cheap clothes and low-quality garments that last just one season result in extreme pollution, as they are continually thrown away without any second chances. But, luckily, there is increasing awareness of responsible and sustainable consumption to take care of the planet. In fact, sustainability in the textile industry is booming.

Avoiding temporality and embracing sustainable fashion are now two of the keys to tackling the climate crisis and overproduction.

Quality before quantity all you will get made in Italy clothing with their best fabric. This is how the capsule wardrobe could be defined, one of the fundamental pieces for sustainability in the world of fashion. This concept encompasses timeless, basic and easy-to-wear garments.

Choosing neutral colors, simple cuts and, above all, quality fabrics is essential for its durability. Being aware and knowing what we is behind the clothes buy is essential to give the earth a break.

The reduction of plastic, the collection of clothes for later recycling and the good choice of the clothes we buy will have their reward in the future.

Sustainable Fashion

The future of fashion is sustainable. And looking to the future, there are many clothing brands that are already betting on this new trend. Mango, one of the low cost firms, has been advancing on this path for two years now and has achieved that almost 80% of its garments belong to its eco-friendly line, Committed. Each season more importance is given to this method, with the aim that by 2022 each and every one of the brand’s garments will bear this seal.

In addition, it is not only about the material but also about the production process. In many of the garments that we use on a daily basis, up to 30% of the fabric is wasted in the cutting process.

Another of the firms that has joined this cause is C&A. More than half of the garments in its new collection are made with sustainable materials. Quality designs in earthy and natural tones or with powerful colors such as orange or violet. You just have to look for the #wearthechange tag and enjoy sustainable and responsible fashion.

Organic cotton, sustainable fibers, responsibly sourced viscose. Even swimsuits and bikinis made from recycled nylon.

It is very important to make visible the importance of sustainability, and not only in the design process and materials, but also in people, who are the most essential part.

On the path towards sustainable fashion, Italian companies has joined the common goal of minimizing the environmental impact both in production and in the choice of materials. Zara already has a line of sustainable clothing under the name “Join Life”. Both technologies and raw materials are used to help in this process of protecting the planet.

In addition, the company continues to advance in the elimination of plastics in its stores and in online orders, as well as the use of environmentally responsible fabrics.

In our country, more and more firms are committed to sustainability, wanting to transmit ethical values ​​and thus help the environmental impact.