The benefits of video games for learning and improving

Many parents have a genuine fear of any kind of digital gaming and so they do everything in their power to keep their children off their computers or off their other digital devices. They are under the misapprehension that these kinds of things are bad for the children both physically and mentally, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The thing that parents forget frequently is that technology is used in schools every single day and the best teachers always use some kind of gaming experience to further enhance what it is that they’re trying to teach the kids. Videogames are excellent for memory, concentration, creativity and working as part of a team.

Video Game industry has grown exponentially due to its innovation and its future vision. There is no surprise then that videogames are incredibly popular and there are around 2 ½ billion players in the world. Surely all of these people cannot be wrong and many people carve out a successful career for themselves in the gaming sector. If your kid is asking you for a quality headset for gaming then just don’t say no immediately until you better understand the many benefits of game-based learning.

  1. It makes learning enjoyable – Most kids do not look forward to getting up every single morning and heading off to school. The reason is that the school lessons are probably incredibly boring and these kids just need something exciting to be introduced into the lesson plan. Thankfully modern teaching methods encourage using games as a learning tool and so once boring lessons now become a lot more enjoyable. The wonderful thing is that your child will be learning something new without actually noticing that they are being taught.
  2. It motivates learning – It’s difficult to explain to a young child that as a result of working hard in school and passing the numerous tests that there is a career waiting for them in the future 20 years from now. It’s difficult to get any child to think beyond next week and so you need to give them rewards now in order for them to be remotely interested. That’s the beauty about using videogames to teach kids because they learn that if they are successful that they get rewards like extra lives and bonuses. This helps to capture and keep their interest for longer and so it results in better learning outcomes.
  3. It encourages teamwork – Many children find it difficult to play with other kids at the beginning of their new school experience and so using videogames to bring all of the kids together is an excellent way for them to make new friends and to engage in teamwork. They may even stay friends for life and go on vacations together. Gaming also helps to stimulate their creativity, it provides focus and improved visual memory.

Many kids nowadays lack critical thinking skills and that is another advantage of allowing your child to take part in gaming. Obviously, too much of anything is not good for us and so you as a parent should restrict the amount of hours every single day that your child is playing.